October 20, 2018
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A Look At The Top 10 Best Universities In The World

Education is priceless and in most of the cases, there is no much competition in providing education. This is because it is
more of a A Look At The Top 10 Best Universities In The Worlddevelopmental course in human beings that need comprehensive consideration. The higher education, which is basically the university level, is the most rated level that people concentrate in regard to their future careers. There are thousands of universities in various countries that offer top quality education. Nevertheless, here is a review of the 10 best universities in the world.

A Look At The Top 10 Best Universities In The World

10. California Institute of Technology – Caltech

A Look At The Top 10 Best Universities In The World

This university is a top notch institution that specializes in the research and education of science and engineering. It is based in Pasadena, California, USA. The institution holds nearly 2,300 students and a faculty of about 300 members. The university has also produced 31 Nobel laureates in its current and past faculty, as well as alumni. To top that, Caltech administers the Jet Propulsion Laboratory – JPL for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA. It also owns and manages a network of astronomical observatories and research amenities globally.

9. University of Oxford

 A Look At The Top 10 Best Universities In The World

This university is in Oxford, UK and it has produced eminent persons. The university has produced more than 30 world leaders, 26 British Prime Ministers, 12 saints as well as 20 archbishops of the Canterbury. This university practically introduced college life back in the 13th century. It stands as the world 3rd oldest university still surviving. The university gives an opportunity to about 12,000 undergraduates to choose from 38 colleges and 6 permanent private-residential halls to lodge. Apparently, one of the most common dictionaries in the world is edited in Oxford University.

8. Harvard University

 A Look At The Top 10 Best Universities In The World

This is the most antique academic institute in the United States of America, which was established back in 1636 and it was named after its sponsor, John Harvard. The institution was the world’s biggest financial endowment and it has produced more than 40 Nobel laureates. The main campus of the university is about 210 acres and it has 23 satellite houses, 10 faculties and the common Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studying in Cambridge, USA. Harvard university is known for its versatile coruses in different fields.

7. Stanford University


It is located in Stanford, America and it was founded back in 1891 by a railway tycoon, Leland Stanford. The mogul founded the university in memory of his son who died at 16. A scrutiny shows that Stanford is the second best selective university in America, after Harvard apparently. It accepts about 7% of its applicants in every recruitment. The university is known to be the home of corporate giant like Google and Hewlett-Packard. Apart from being among the best university in the world, Stanford is the world’s 3rd richest university. It holds about 7,000 undergraduates and 4,000 graduates.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT


It is based in Cambridge, America and has a rich history as well. The MIT was established 150 years ago and it has given out at least 70 Nobel laureates, and 8 of them are the institution’s current faculty. The Charles River campus is 168 acres big and holds more than 10,000 students. The institute instructs the students in engineering, architecture and planning, humanities, science, arts and social sciences, management, technology and health science.

5. Princeton University

The institute has been the center of American academic life back from its agreement in 1746. It is among the smallest private Ivy Leaguers, but has produced more than 30 Nobel laureates. Some of them are alumni and past faculty. The main campus is around 500 acres and it holds approximately 5,000 undergraduates, 2,500 postgraduates and it has administered more than 1,000 academics.

4. University of Cambridge


It is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom and its alumni are the most eminent persons in todays world. It has been known for several accomplishments and popular people like Newton, who invented the law and motion. It was also home of Rutherford, who split the atom, Darwin with evolution and Crick and Watson, known for DNA. It was also the home for Truing, the computer prototype. The university was founded back in 1209 by the scholars of Oxford University. The students quit their previous university due to a dispute with the local electorate. This university currently holds more than 18,300 students with at least 8,400 staff. To date, the trend continues and University of Cambridge continues to be a recognized institution in the UK.

3. University of California


It is based in Berkeley, USA and it is known for the identification of Vitamin E. A lost Scarlatti was also found here and the flu virus was detected here as well. The university was the place where the first no-fault divorce law was outlined. The University by San Francisco Bay, a gold-rush result was agreed in the 1868. Currently, there are at least 20 faculty who have been Nobel laureates and it holds about 36,000 students and among them, 10,000 are postgraduates.

2. University of Chicago

This university has less undergraduates than post graduates and it concentrates its focus on the exploration of advanced academics. The Chicago school of economics, which accepted the pro-market viewpoint of Milton Friedman was developed at this university. The world’s first self-reliable man-made nuclear reaction was also developed here. The institution was founded in 1890 with a funding from John D. Rockefeller. It now runs around 125 research institutes and has more than 9,500 postgraduates.

 1. Imperial College London

This university is based in London, UK and it emphasizes on research. It features 4 faculties, which are natural science, medicine, engineering and business. This institution was established back in 1907 as a partial college of the London University. It then was independent officially in 2007. The main campus and 7 other houses are located in the museum quarter of London and it holds at least 1,100 scholars and almost 13,000 students.

These are some of the best universities in the world. The ranking of the university is not in relation to the size of the institution, faculty or students size. Rather, the achievements and current record that they hold. Some of these universities are known for their rich history in the major invention in the world. Some are home of the most influential people in the world. Their amazing endeavors are what is appealing and makes them to be thebest universities in the world. The universities have been consistent in offering top notch education of the highest quality.

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