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The opportunity to be able to enroll in 6 best universities of the US

Today, meeting the requirements of employers and enhancing job opportunities is a major concern and challenge for many students after graduation. Most of employers are expecting candidates with full of 4 factors: experience, basic knowledge, awareness of the business environment and the ability to communicate well. To improve job opportunities later, selecting the way studying […]

Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US

The school was founded in 1897 with 35.000 current students and 9.600 personnels. San Diego State University (SDSU) is the large and old public university in San Diego city, California. Opportunities to study San Diego State University in the US This school is ranked 149th all over the US (according to US News and World […]

Experience to find overtine job when studying in the US

When studying the US, you’d have an overtime job. Employment in the campus or in school buildings (including the business establishments operating in the campus as a restaurant or bookstore) or somewhere outside the campus but it was merged the school in terms of education. Experience to find overtine job when studying in the US […]

Tips to reply interview when asking for visa to study abroad

Students who would like to study abroad will first have to pass ainterview to ask for visa at the British, the US, France, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Spain Embassies, etc. So How do we should answer the interview? With personal experience of a consultant with many years of training interview exchange students, asking for visa […]

Study in the US – the tool need to bring and shouldn’t have?

Preparing tool in four academic years is a difficult problem for many students. However, if you think carefully, it’s not so difficult. There are a few things you really should consider before packing one’s bags. Weight of baggage depending on airlines Find out the airlines how much weight do airlines allow you to carry? Normally […]

Experience of an exchange student in America

Experience of an exchange student in America. Hope these will help you adapt to life here early Culture In the US, the independence and self-control has always been the prior. Americans always features the frankness, if they don’t agree with the opponent’s opinion, they will be ready to make a constructive comment. Learning and Research […] © 2015 Directed by