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All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh

Educational Institute Identification Number or EIIN Number is so important for SSC passed students all over the country in Bangladesh. EIIN and College Code for all Best School & College in Bangladesh total list is given below. It is a unique numbers for identification any colleges (Specially HSC Level). You may find all colleges’ impotent information and update by using this EIIN number.

All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh

All students can download all college (EIIN) identification number as pdf file for their future collection. Students can use this Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh for their HSC Related admission application via online and SMS. All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh are given below by Education Board and District wise. Best Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh Education Board.

All Colleges EIIN Number under Dhaka Education Board

Alamgir Monsur Memorial College 111918

Alfadanga College 108618

Agriculture University College, Mymensingh 111913

Advanced Residential Model College, Mymensingh 131936

Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka Cantonment 107855

Abu Abbas College 113195

A K Memorial Degree College 109776

Baf Shaheen College, Kormitola 107859

Begum Badrunnessa Govt. Girls’ College 108155

Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College 108161

Bikrampur K. B. College 111200

K. Nagar Bangabandhu College 113675

Bikrampur Tangibari Degree College 111255

A. F Shaheen College, Tejgaon 107858

B C I C College 108222

N. College, Dhaka Cantt. 107854

Bicrompur Adorshaw College 111201

Birsreshtha Munshi Abdulr Rouf Rifles College 108162

Bir Srestha Abdur Rauf College, Kamarkhali 108854

Combiran College 132140

Chandrakon College 113771

Central Women’s College 108512

Cantonment Public School And College, Momenshahi 111925

College Of Development Alternative 134168

Dhaka Cant. Girls Public School College 132090

Dr. Abdul Mannan Mohila College 110433

Dr. abdul Hossain College 113489

Dhaka College 107977

Dhaka City College 107975

Dhaka Imperial College 107974

Dhaka State College 107981

Dohar Nababganj College 108318

Daffodil International College 134564

Dr. Maleka College 107972

Mahbubur Rahman Molla College 133965

Demra College 107908

Dania College 107909

Dhaka Commerce College 108207

Fulbaria College 111516

Faridpur Muslim Mission College 108800

Faridpur Mohabidyalay 108796

Fulpur Mohila College 112184

Fazlul Haque Mohila College 108511

Govt. Sherpur Mohila College 113914

Govt. Gouripur College 111722

Govt. Sheikh Mojibur Rahman College 109678

Govt. Netrokona College 113194

Govt. Shahid Samriti College 111999

Govt. Gurudayal College 110496

Govt. Shahid Sohrwardi College 108508

Govt. Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Mohila College 109483

Govt. Sheikh Lutfar Rahman Adarsha College 109591

Govt. Shibpur Shahid Asad College 112881

Govt. Sadarpur College 108933

Govt. Rajendra College 108797

Govt. Madarganj A. H. Z. College 110076

Govt. Maulana Mohammad Ali College 114744

Govt. Muminunessa Mohila College 111915

Govt. Naria College 113608

Govt. Nazimuddin College 110785

Govt. Netrokona Mohela College 113192

Govt. Rajbari College 113488

Govt. Tolaram College 112478

Govt. Tongi College 109061

Govt. Yasin College 108795

Govt. Kumudini College 114743

Govt. Bangabandhu College 109481

Govt. Zaheda Safir Mohila College 109994

Govt. Sofar Ali College 112327

Govt. Bhawal Badre Alam College 109031

Geor Govt College 110930

Govt Commercial Institute, Bogra 132124

Govt. Commercial Institute, Dinajpur 133785

Govt. Commercial Institute, Foridpur 132785

Govt. Adamjeenagar M. W. College, Narayanganj 112477

Govt. Commercial Institute, Pabna 133812

Govt. Commercial Institute, Mymensingh 133777

Govt. Ain Uddin College 108853

Govt. Ananda Mohon College 111911

Govt Commarcial Institute, Feni 134589

Govt. Kabi Nazrul College 108507

Govt. Haraganga College 111160

Govt. Dhamrai College 107953

Govt. Debendra College 111000

Govt. Boalmari College 108708

Govt. Barhamganj College 110880

Govt. Bangla College 108210

Govt. Ashek Mahmaud College 109996

GBG College 114197

Gazipur Govt. Mohila College 109030

Goforgaon Govt. College 111663

Gazipur Cantonment College 109033

Gazipur City College 131978

Gopalpur College 114273

Gulshan Commerce College 131904

Holy Cross College 131962

Hazi Misir Ali College 112482

Habez Uddin Sarkar College 134178

Habibullah Bahar College 108351

Hafez Ziaur Rahman College (Shyamganj) 113251

Hatimara Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya 109028

Hazi Ashat College 110290

Hazi Jal Mamud College 113770

Ideal College 107971

Ibraham Khan College 114064

Ideal School And College, Motijheel 108277

Iahwarganj College 111821

Jatir pita Bangu Bandhu College 109112

Jajira College 113676

Jaitka Khaqja Rahmat Ali College 110947

Kadirdi College 108710

Kaliakoir College 109110

Kalkini Syed Abul Hossain College, Madaripur 110716

Konabari College, Gazipur 109037

Kapasia College 109323

Kendua College 113076

Khalilur Rahaman College 114524

Khilgaon Model College 108385

Katiadi College 110434Kazi Shirajul Islam Mohila College 108709

Karimganj College 110382

Kalihati College 114351

K M College 108659

Kazi Azim Uddin College 109032

Jaatir Jonak BSMR College 136579

Louhajang College 111127

Lalmatia Mohila College 108251

Lal Mia City College 109482

Mirpur Girls’ Ideal Laboratory Institute, Dhaka 108221

Madabdi College 112715

Mirpur College 108206

Motijheel Model School And College, Dhaka 130865

Mirza Abbas Mohila College 108275

Mirkadim Hazi Amjad Ali College 132058

Merazabad Rana Shafiullah College 131938

Milestone College 108572

A. Khaleque College 109538

Manikganj Govt. Mohila College 110996

Major General Mohmudul Hasan Adarsha College 114107

Madhupur College 114455

H. Khan College 109485

Mirzapur College 114525

Model Girls’ Institute, Sherpur 113918

Mohakhali Girls School & College 111923

Mohammadpur Cantral College 108254

Muksudpur College 109654

Muktagachha College 111998

Muktijodda Ideal College, Nikli 110544

Mymensingh Girls Cadet College 111926

Muslim Girls’ High School & College 111921

Mirza Golam Hafiz College 108450

Narsingdi Govt. College 112719

Narayanganj College 112480

Narayanganj Govt. Mohila College 112479

Narsingdi Govt.Mohila College 112718

Narsinghdi Presidency College 134181

National Ideal College 132078

Nurul Amin College, Shibchar 110882

Notre Dame College 108274

N A C T A R, Bogra 133208

Nandina Shaikh Anwar Hossain College 109991

New Model Degree College 108250

Northen College Bangladesh 134571

National College 131945

Paura Mohila College 110493

Purbadhala College 113250

Palash Shilpanchal College 112758

Pangsha College 113416

Pear Ali College 109422

Pubali Adarsha College 109036

Queen Mary College 134219

Rajuk Uttara Model College 108573

Razabari College 114528

Residential Laboratory College 133736

Raypura College 112817

Residential Model College 108258

Royal Media College 131944

Rajpat College 109535

Rampal College 111161

Rajbari Govt. Adarsha Mohila College 113490

Rafiqul Islam Mohila College 110288

Rajoir College 110818

Savar College 108453

Samsul Haque Khan School & College 107915

Shaheed Police Shreeti College 132127

Shobaloy sadaruddin Degree (HSC Level) College 111054

Singair College 111084

Stamford College, Dhaka 107973

Salimullah College 108510

Shaheed Bir uttam LT Anwara Girls College 132143

Sreebardi Govt. College 113973

SOS Hermann Gmeiner College 108215

Shomsher Fakir Degree College 114063

Syed Abul Hossain College 110787

Sreenagar Govt. College 111231

Saint Joseph Uccha Madhyamik Biddyalaya 108259

Shahabubbin College (ASIM) 111517

Susang College 112975

Savar Contonment Public School & College 108459

Savar Laboratory College 131845

Shafiuddin Sarkar Academy And College 109063

Shahajuddin Sarker Model (HSC) Higher Secondary School 109051

Shaheed Ramizuddin Cantonment College 107857

Shaheed Shrity Mohabiddaloy, Shosikor 110717

Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Degree College 109321

Shahid Smriti Adarsha College, Nandail 112070

Sherpur Govt. College 113915

Shaturia Sayed Kalusha Degree College 111027

Shariatpur Govt. College 113647

Shaikh Borhanuddin College 108137

Shekh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Mohila Mohabiddalay 114742

Shamsur Rahman College, Idilpur 113575

Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam College 111910

Savar Model College 108451

Siddheswari Girls’ College 108352

Tejgaon College 108533

Trust College 134221

Uttara Town College 108564

Uttata High School & College 108538

Vashantec Govt Mohabiddaloy 136841

Valuka College 111354

Viquarunnasa Noon College 108538

Wali Newaz Khan College 110495

Zillur Rahman Mohila College 110289

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Dhaka Board of Bangladesh


All Colleges EIIN Number under Barisal Education Board

Subidkhali College 102471

Mahilara Degree College 100706

Janata College, Dumki, Patuakhali 102216

Shaheed Abdul Rob Serniabad Degree College 100382

Sharupkathi Government College 103082

Fazila Rahman Mahila College 103080

Bakerganj Islamia Mohila College 100597

Barisal Islamia College 100868

Dhamura Degree College 101098

Patharghata College 100346

Bhandari Govt. College 102683

Majida Bagum Mahila College 102684

Mozaharuddin Biswas College 102402

Zianagar Degree College 102986

Bhola Ideal College 101205

Guthia Ideal College 101096

Bakerganj Government College 100591

Naziur Rahaman College 101208

Begum Tofazzal Hassain Manik Mia (Girls)Mahila College 100873

Muladi College 101013

Banaripara Degree College 100657

Akthar hossain Choudhury Memorial (HSC and Degree) Degree College 102473

Mathbaria Govt. College 102819

Nalchiti College 101867

Tofazzol Hossain Manik Mia College 101783

Rajapur Degree College 100296

Jhalakhathi Government College 101709

Govt. Sohawardy College 102955

Sher-E-Bangla Degree College, Shikarpur 101101

Safa College 102821

Sher-E-Bangla Fazlul Haque College 101710

Agasrpur College 100440

Patarhat R. C. College 100949

Galachipa Degree College 102331

Kaukhali College 102721

Govern ment Fozilanatunnasa Mohila College 101708

Barisal Government Women’s College 100877

Barisal Govt. College 100867

Bamna College 100143

Amritalal Dey College, Barisal 100874

Govern ment Syed Hatem Ale College 100876

Kachhipara Md. Abdur Roshid Mia College 102113

  1. Rashid Tulukder College 102164

Arif Mahamood College 101017

Barguna Government College 100241

Borguna Government Mohila College 100242

K. M. College (Day & Night) 102594

Patuakhaki Government College 102596

Babuganj College 100441

Syed Afsar Ali College 100589

Charfasson Govt. College 101439

Shahid Smrity College 103081

Syed Azizul Haqur College, Habibpur 101097

Syed fazlul Haque Mahavidyalya(HSC Level) EIIN NO:100344

Jabbar College, Borhanuddin 101294

Government Gournadi College 100703

Amtali Degree College 100112

Daulatkhan Abu Abdullah College(HSC Level) EIIN NO:101486

Aftabuddin College 102954

Helaluddin College 100594

Subidkhali Mohila College 102472

Barisal Model School And College 132091

Matibhanga Degree College College 102889

Alhaz B. N. Khan Degree College 101099

Hijla College 100736

Idris Molla Mahavidyalaya 102105

Porojpur Government Girls’ College 102956

Bakulnessa Mohilla College 100113

Dr. Yakub Sharif College 102110

Patuakhali Government Mohela College 102593

Barthi College 100705

Bangla Bazar Fatema Khanam College 101204

Nazirpur Shahid Zia College 102892

Chandkhali Mosharrof Hossain College 100295


Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Barisal Board of Bangladesh

All Colleges EIIN Number under Chittagong Education Board

Bangladesh Mohila Samiti Girls (Mohila) High School And College 104534

Dr. Fazlul Hazera College 104687

RangamatiGovt. Mohila College 107819

Bijoy Smarani College 105113

Hazera-Taju Degree College 104237

Agrabad Mohila College 104303

Hathazari College 104464

Bsac Degree College, Chittagong 104261

Coxbazar Govt Girls College 106316

Rangunia College 104844

Baraiahat College 104659

Nazampur College 104662

Nazirhat College 104466

Mirsarai College 104661

Fatiksharai College 104389

Chittagong College 104532

Saraipaua City Corp. College 104690

Kulgaon City Corp. College 104053

Pahartali College 104537

Anwara College, Chittagong 104038

Coxbazar City College 106315

Raojan College, Chittagong 104931

North Kattaly Al-Haz Mustafa Hakum College 104688

Kuaish Burishchar Sheikh Mohammad City Corp. College 104465

Patia Govt. College 104778

Islamia Degree College 104299

Ispahani Public School & College 104711

Sitakundu Degree College 105112

Chittagong Model School & College 133998

Chittagong Govt. Girls’ College 104710

Cox’sbazar Govt. College 105061

Mohila College Chittagong 104528

Rangamati Govt. College College 107818

Govt. Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College 104527

Gachhbaria Govt. College College EIIN NO:104200

Govt. City College, Chittagong 104301

Omargani M. E. S. College 104300

Govt Commarce College Chittagong 104302

Sir A. T. Govt. College 104152

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Chittagong Board of Bangladesh


All Colleges &EIIN Number under Comilla Education Board

Dollai Nowabpur College 105403

SaikatCollege 107662

Dr. Khandakar Mosarraf Hossain College 105577

SonaimuriCollege 107413

NimsarJunabAliCollege EIIN NO:105332

DebidwarGovt.S.A. College EIIN NO:105666

Comilla Ajitguha College 105020

Comilla Govt. Women’s College 105821

Choumuhani Govt. S. A. College EIIN NO:107253

Comilla Govt. College 105824

Chhengarchar College 103940

Govt. Mujib College EIIN NO:107359

Babiul Alam College 106068

Dalal Bazar College 106996

Zillur Rahim College 106994

S. M. Abdur Rob Govt. College EIIN NO:107176

Noakhali Govt. Girls’ College 107658

Abdul Hadee College 107177

Char Matua College 107665

Bamoni College 107358

Khalilur Rahman Degree College 107414

Jalal Uddin College 107254

Bhabanigonj College 107000

Comilla Victora Govt. College EIIN NO:105822

Chatkhil Women’s College 107309

Banderhat Abdul Maleque College 107660

Sonar Bangla College 105330

Maizdee Public College 107661

Hatia Dwip Govt. College 107464

Chaprashirhat Ismail College 107656

Baliakandi College 107518

Joyag College 107416

Noakhali Govt. College 107659

Sonapur College 107657

Haziganj Model College 103758

Shuhilpur Al-Haz Harun- Al- Rashid College 103293

Brahmanbaria Govt. Mohila College 103191

Kazi Mohammad Shafiqul Islam College 103290

Brahmanbaria Govt. College 103294

Nawab Fayzunnesa Govt. College 105955

Chowddangram Govt. College 105513

Munshi Fazlur Rahman Govt. College 105579

Adhyapak Abdul Mozid College 106061

Champakngar H/ S & College 103302

Barhamanbaria Poura College 103292

Monem Mohabidhalaya 103296

Firoz Mia College 103295

Kasba T. Ali College 103381

Syedabid Adarsha College 103382

Chargachh N. I. Bauiyan College 103378

Mia Abdullah Wazed Girls College 103380

Nabinagar Mohila College 103437

Salimganj College 103440

Alimuddin Zobeda College 103439

Chinair Bangabandhu Sheikh Mojib (HSC Level) Degree College 134243

Feni Govt. College 106642

Kasba Mohila College 103379

Bayek Alhaj Shahalam College 103384

Gopinathp Al- Haj Shahlam College, Kasba, B.Baria 103384

Haimchar College 103701

Gallak Adarsha College 103675

Farakkabad College 103572

Beacon Model College 136527

Sonagazi Govt. College 103748

Rampur Nasir Memorial College, Feni 106640

Feni South East College 106639

Fulgazi Mohila College 106670

Mvi. ShamsulKarimCollege 106500

HydergonjModelCollege 134350

RaipurGovt. College 107047

Joynal Hazari College 106641

Al- Amin Acadamy 103574

Chandpur Puran Bazar College 103569

Feni City College 135399

Narayanpur College 103884

Gridkalindia Hazria Hasmot Degree College 103673

Suchpara College 103998

Chandra Imam Ali High School And (HSC Level) College 103586

Sachar College 103835

Palakhal Rustam Ali College 103834

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman College 103838

Kachua Bangabandhu Degree (HSC Level) College 103837

Chitoshi College 104001

Nasirkot Shahid Smriti College 103755

Meher College 104000

Balakhal Mokbul Ahmad College 103756

Chandpur Govt. Girls’ College 103570

Hazirhat Upakul College 107175

Jafarganj Mir Abdul Gafur College 105660

Kalikapur Abdul Mastin Khashru College, Burichong 131985

Munshirhat College, Chowddagram, Comilla 105514

Mudaffarganj A. N. High School & College, Laksam 105964

Nangalkot hasan Memorial College 106161

Adda College 105192

Shah sharif College 105959

Chata Sarifpur College 105958

Bhadshamia Adarsha H/ S & College 106165

Poyalgachha Degree College 105191

Raja Maher Engineer M.A. Munshi Adarsha College 105663

Chandpur Mohila College, Chandpur, Comilla 105404

Kazi noman Ahmad College 106067

Shashidal Alhaj Md. Abu Taher College 105247

Mosharrof Hossain Khan Chowdhury (HSC Level) Degree College 105254

Hasanpur S. N. Govt. College 105580

Sreekali College 106069

Alekjan Memorial High School And College 105828

Mia Bazar College 105519

Gunabati College 105509

Shahebabad Degree College 105248

Barsalghar Adarsha College 105667

Chandpur Redowan Ahmad College 105402

Chouara Adarsha College 105745

Paruara Abdul Matin Khasru College 105335

Gazipur Khan High School & College 105582

Chapitala Farid Uddin Sarker College 106065

Manikar Char Bangabandhu College 105976

Madhaiya Moktijoddha Smriti College 105400

Sursamrat Alauddin Khan College 103441

Sarali College 103488

Abbas Uddin Khan Shohagpur Model College 131980

Sharahat Ali College 103203

Al- Haj Nur Mia College, Chowddagram, Comilla 105508

Ramkrishnapur College 105696

Ibne Taimia High School & College 105751

Homina College 105698

Motlab Degree College 103887

Govt. Zia Mohila College 106643

Kabirhat Govt. College EIIN NO:107655

Senbagh Govt. College 107516

Burichang Ershad College 105331

Iqbal Memorial College 106553

A. Hasmot College 107256

Nabinagar Govt. College 103438

Faridganj Bangabandhu Degree College 103674

Chhagalnaiya Govt. College 106499

Baktar Munshi Sheikh Shahidul Islam College 106747

Barura Shahid Smrity Govt. College 105190

Ramganj Model College 107107

Baburhat H/ S & College 103573

Chatkhil Panchgaon Mahbub Govt. College 107308

Dr. Mosharrof Foundation College 131913

Kafil Uddin Degree College 106993

Laxmipur Govt. College 106998

Haziganj Degree College EIIN NO:103757

Debidwar Alhaj Jobeda Khatun Girls’ College 105665

Akhaura Shahid Smrity College 103169

Nather Perua College 105953

Laxmipur Govt. Girls’ College 106997

Ramganj Govt. College 107108

Comilla Shikkha Board Model College 132092

Chandpur Govt. College 103568

Nasirnagar College 103464

Banchharampur College 103200

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Comilla Board of Bangladesh


All Colleges & EIIN Number under Dinajpur Education Board

Majida Adarsha College 122332

Pirgachha College 127769

Dinajpur Govt. Women’s College 120822

Bara Khata College 122826

Thakurgaon Road College 129309

Thakurgaon Govt. Women’s College 129308

Nek Marad Bangabandhu College 129072

Shahid Akbar Ali Science & Technology College 128770

Goreya College 129310

Nakaihat College 121344

Baulli College 129311

Salandar College 129307

Gaibandha Adarsha College 121185

Doi Khawa Adarsha College 122827

Shathibari College 127665

Shibganj College 129313

Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur 127485

Mithapukur College 127664

Gangachara College 127298

Mir Ismail Hossain College, Rajarhat 122534

Birampur Women’s College 120022

Shahid Smrity Adarsha College, Fulbari 120450

Bhajanpur College 126192

Jagdal College 126151

Bhaulaganj College, Panchagarh 126048

Hakimpur College 120538

Carmichael College 127489

Parbatipur Adarsha College 121059

Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar Colliagiate (HSC Level) Institute 132011

Dinajpur K. B. M. College 120816

Patgram Women’s College 123028

Sakoa College 125974

Gabindaganj College 121347

Shahid Ziaur Rahman College, Tunirhat 126149

Kurigram Government College 122331

Fulchhari College 121099

Dr. Abeda Hafiz Girls’ High School & College 126153

Ulipur Maharani Sarnamoyi Hogh School & College 122712

Cantonment Public School And College, Rangpur 127500

Nilphamari Govt. College 125189

Domar Women’s College, Nilphamari 124896

Nilphamari Govt. Women’s College 125188

Boda Women’s College 125976

Debiganj College 126047

Panchagarh Govt Women’s College 126148

Bhurungamari College 122122

Samir Uddin Smrity College, Baliadangi 128768

Lahiri College, Thakurgaon 128769

Rani Sankail College 129071

Police Lines School & College, Rangpur EIIN No:127501

Rangpur Govt. College 127484

Babarganj Women’s College 127234

Kurigram Government Women’s College 122330

Sundarganj D. W. College 121755

Palashbari Govt. College 121426

Gobindaganj Women’s College 121349

Gaibandha Govt. College 121184

Alimuddin College, Hatibandha 122829

Bagum Kamrun Nessa College, Lalmonirhat 122987

Panch Pir College 122709

Shahid Abul Kashem College, Panga 122991

Kaunia College 127357

Haragachh College 127356

Pirganj Govt. College 128965

Thakurgaon Govt. College 129305

Parbatpur College 121058

Jaldhaka College 124977

Moshiur Rahman College 125190

Dinajpur Adarsha College 120820

Dinajpur Govt. College 120818

Fulbari Govt. College 120451

Lalmonirhat Adarsha College 122990

Saidpur Govt. Technical College 125242

Dimla Islamia College 124824

Haji Osman Gani College, Dariapur, Gaibandha 121186

Gaibandha Women’s College 121183

Bhawanipur College 121061

Cant. Public School & College, Sahid Mahbub Senani 121064

Ranochandi High School & College 125057

Setabganj College 120267

Birganj College 120127

Ulipur Women’s College 122708

Mirza Golam Hafiz College, Atoary 125864

Pathraj College 125973

Atowari Adarsha Women’s College 125865

Pathgram Adarsha College 123026

Mokbular Rahman Govt. College, Panchagarh 126147

Majida Khatun Govt. Women’s College 122989

Birampur College 120021

Kholahati College 121056

Collectorate School And College 127503

Janata College, Dimla 124825

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Dinajpur Board of Bangladesh


All Colleges EIIN Number under Jessore Education Board

Chuadanga Government College 115383

Satkhira Government Mohela College 118910

Alamdanga College 115330

Government M. M. College, Jessore 116101

Govt. B. L. College, Khulna EIIN No:116954

Azam Khan Government Commerce College 117165

Jessore Shikka Board Model School & College 133834

Daulatpur Day & Night College 116953

Government P. C. College 114830

Government Mohela College, Jessore 116107

Raicharan Tarini Charan College 116553

Hamidpur Al Hera College 116102

Lohagara Adarsha College 118437

Hazi Mohammad Muhsin College 117109

Magura Govt. Mohila College,Magura 118004

Khan Saheb Kumaruddin College 118283

Government H. S. S. College, Magura 118003

Government Girls College 117107

Kushtia Government Girls (Mohila) College 117810

B.A.F Shaheen College, Jessore 116115

Rouf College 116556

Satkhara Government College 118906

Kushtia Islamia College 117809

Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College, (Khulna Zone) Khulna 117167

Dr. Abdur Razzak Municipal College 116104

S. Zoha Mohavidyalaya 115329

Meherpur Govt. Mohela College 118343

Jhenaidah College 116551

Jibannagar College 115461

Bheramara College 117497

Govt. Adarsha Mohila College 115384

Government Pioneer Girls College 117166

Khan Jahan Ali Ideal College 117128

Cantonment College, Jessore 116109

Abdul Wadud Shah College 115429

Police Line School And College 117818

Meherpur Pauro Degree College 118339

Govt. M. M. College, Khulna 117170

Dr. Afil Uddin Degree College, Baganchra 116382

Government K. C. College, Jhenidah 116552

Kazi Nazrul Islam College 116100

Govt.. K. M. H. College 116676

Kaliganj M. U. College 116633

Kumarkhali College 117729

Darshana Government College 115428

Khulna Government College 117808

Chuadanga Paura Degree College 115382

Govt. Nurunnahar Mohila College 116550

Government Victoria College, Narial 118527

Badarganj College 115381

Adil Uddin College 116827

Mollahat Khalilur Rahman College 330003

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Jessore Board of Bangladesh


All Colleges EIIN Number under Rajshahi Education Board:

S. Govt. College, Nator 124235

Digha Potia M.K. College 124236

Shahid Nurul Hossain College, Kashinath Pur 125744

Abdulpur Govt. College 124115

Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College 126487

Varengra College, Rajshahi 126488

Nazipur Govt. College 123645

Govt. M. R. Women’s College, Bogra 119250

Govt. Shah Sultan College, Bogra 119248

Manda Momin Sahana College 123317

Gabtali Govt. College 119546

Shahid Bul Bul Govt. College, Pabna 125664

Syed Ahmmed College, Sukhanpukur 119548

Sariakandi College 119713

Mahasthan Mahiswar College 119908

Joypur Hat Govt. Women’s College 121895

Joypur Hat Shahid Zia College 121896

Dupchanchia J. K. College 119471

Pabna Uslamia College 125660

Hazi Jamal Uddin College,Bhangura 125371

Shah Neamatullah College, Nawabganj 124592

Naogaon Astan Mollah College 123489

Hazi Wahed Mariam College 128276

Ishurdi Govt. College 125552

Rajshahi University School 126773

Hazi Korap Ali Smrity (Memorial) College, Jamtoil EIIN No:128113

Islamia College 126482

Niamatpur College 123564

Jahangirpur Govt. College 123407

Chowdury Chand Mohammad Women’s College, Naogaon 123827

Qadirabad Cantonment Sapper College 123887

Singra Damdama Pilot School & College 124317

Sherpur Town Club Public Library girls (Mohila) College 119807

Sherpur College 119808

Nawabganj Govt. College 124593

Rajab Ali Memorial Science College 128454

C. S. S. College, Gurudaspur 124028

Joypur Hat Govt. College 121897

Rajshahi College 126490

Ishwardi Women’s College 125553

Govt. B.M.C Women’s College, Naogaon 123487

Rani Bhawani Govt. Women’s College 124237

Rohanpur Yusuf Ali College 124418

Govt. A. H. College, Bogra 119246

Naogaon Govt College 123488

Chatmohar College 125454

Balkuchi College 128028

Shahzadpur Govt. College 128355

Sirajganj Govt. College 128461

Rashidazzoha Govt. Women’s College, Sirajganj 128463

Islamia Govt. College, Sirajganj 128464

Ullapara Govt. Science College 128674

Akbar Ali Govt. College, Ullapara 128676

Belkuchu Bahumukhi Women’s College 128025

Bogra Cantonment Public School & College 119251

Akkelpur M. R. College 121801

Salanga College 128275

Monjur Kader Women’s College, Bera 125330

Khamar Gram College 128076

Badalgachhi Govt. College 123138

Mohipur Govt. Hazi Muhasin College, Panch Bibi 122068

Ataikula M. A. Khatun College 125745

Pabna College 125661

Dashuria College 125554

Pabna Govt Women’s College 125665

Rajshahi Govt. City College 126489

New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi 127038

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number including Rajshahi Board of Bangladesh


All Colleges EIIN Number under Sylhet Education Board:

Nabiganj College 129524

Langla Adhunik College 129684

Suja Memorial College 129616

Kamalganj College 129615

Nari Shikka Academy 129581

Syed Said Uddin College 129493

Moulavibazar Govt. College 129730

Moulavibazar Govt. Women’s College 129729

Sreemangal Govt. College 129783

Syed Shah Mostafa College 129731

Baralekha Degree College 129580

Biswanath College 130217

Noor Jahan Memorial Women’s College 130456

Sylhet Govt Women’s College 130453

Taibunessa Khanam Academy College 129582

Shahjalal College 129492

Dharmaghar College 129494

Kanaighat College 130389

Sylhet M. C. College 130457

Madan Mohan College 130452

Derai College 129887

Shaha Khurram College 130455

Sylhet Govt. College 130450

Zakiganj Govt. College 130542

Govt. Agragami Girls High School & College 130299

Latifa- Shafi Choudhury Womens (Mohila) College No:1350500

Jawabazar College 129858

Ismati College 130543

Alif Subhan Chowdhury College 129342

Goainghat College 130335

Dakshin Surma College 130499

Habigang Govt. Mohila College 129449

Brindaban Govt. College 129447

Chunarufhat Govt. College 129412

Shachindra College 129373

Sunamganj Govt. College 130051

Sunamganj Govt. Womens College 130050

Digendra Barman College 129802

Jamalganj College 129996

Tajpur College 130125

Beanibazar Adarsha Mohila College 130174

Bianibazar Govt. College 130172

Jagannatpur College 129978

Janab Ali College 129372

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number Sylhet Board of Bangladesh

Download All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh

Students can find here All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh. Under all education board EIIN number are available here. Bangladesh have total 8 education board. You may know and download all boards College Code and EIIN number like All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Dhaka Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Rajshahi Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Chittagong Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Comilla Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Barisal Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Sylhet Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Dinajpur Board, All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Jessore Board from above download link. If you do not find your college code or EIIN number, please inform us via comments. If you need more update information about All Colleges Code and EIIN Number of Bangladesh, you may visit EduSignal.Com

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