October 17, 2018
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Barry M Goldwater Scholarship

Barry M Goldwater Scholarship
Barry M Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry M Goldwater scholarship was created in honor of Mr. Goldwater, a former United States Senator and presidential candidate. This scholarship seeks to help provide a continuing source of scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

Based on merit, the scholarship amount is $7500 per academic year, and the amount given is based on actual need. About 300 college sophomores and juniors are awarded this scholarship annually.

Because colleges and universities can only nominate 4 students per year for this scholarship, competition is intense. As a result, the Barry M Goldwater scholarship is one of the most prestigious and coveted awards for future scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

To apply, sophomores and juniors must be full-time matriculated student at an accredited college. In addition, candidates must have a college GPA of at least a “B” or its equivalent and be in the upper one fourth of their class. Without a doubt, the Barry M Goldwater scholarship is a prize worth trying for.

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