November 13, 2018
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Best Online Accounting Colleges

Online Accounting Colleges: . The online colleges listed below offer Accounting programs, and allow you to take your classes at home, at the office, or anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Most online colleges allow you to get degrees at your own pace – which makes it much easier to fit getting your college degree into your busy schedule. Online courses, training, and diploma programs in accounting, and finance. Topics include: financial accounting, financial statements, financial planning, estate planning, tax preparation, QuickBooks, and more.

Best Online Accounting Colleges

All of the online colleges listed below are fully accredited. In addition, all of the online colleges listed below offer financial aid and job placement assistance. Note that classes from online colleges can be taken in online as well. Please see the list of online Accounting colleges below.

Online Accounting Colleges
Get additional Information from these online business and accounting schools below.

Best Online Accounting CollegesACCIS – Business Administration (BS), MBA
American InterContinental University (AIU) Online – Business Administration, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, MBA
Ashford University — Organizational Management, MBA
Axia College – Business
Capella University – Business Administration (BS), Finance, Human Resource Management, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Human Services (MS, PhD), Organization and Management (MS, PhD), MBA
Colorado Technical University Online – Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Project Management, Human Resources, Business Management, Project Management, MBA, Executive MBA
DeVry University Online – Business Operations, Business Administration
Ellis College – MBA (Accounting and Information Systems, E-Commerce, Finance, Global Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Marketing, Professional Accounting, Project Management, Risk Management, Strategy and Economics)
Everest College Online – Associate Degrees in Accounting and Business
FMU Online – Accounting, Business Administration, MBA
Jones International University – Accounting, Business Communication, Sales and Marketing Management, MBA (Entrepreneurship, Finance, Accounting, Information Security Management, more)
Kaplan University – Management, Accounting, Financial Planning, Project Management, Risk Management, Executive Coaching, MBA
Kennedy-Western University – Business Administration (BS, MS, PhD), E-Business, Finance, Management and Leadership, Human Resource Management (MS), Executive Business Administration (MS), International Business Administration (PhD)
South University – Business Administration
Strayer University Online – Various Degree Levels, Diplomas and Certificates in: Accounting (with emphases in Accounting Tech, Taxation and Controllership, Acquisition and Contract Management, Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, Banking, E-Business, Finance, Human Resource Mgmt, Legal Studies, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Public Administration, MBA
University of Phoenix Online – Accounting, Finance, e-Business, Public Administration, Retail Management, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, MBA
Walden University – Applied Management and Decision Sciences (PhD), Human Services (PhD), Public Policy and Administration (PhD), Master of Public Administration, MBA, High Tech MBA
Western Governors University Online – Business Management, HR Management, IT Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Management Accounting, MBA and more
Westwood College Online – Business Administration, Accounting, E-Business Management, Fashion Merchandising, Marketing/Sales, MBA

Accounting Schools Offering Online Degree Programs

American Sentinel University
Whether you want to create technology, manage it or take a more traditional business path, an online college degree can make it happen. With seven degree programs, you can choose your career path or leap to a new level with an advanced degree.

American InterContinental University (Online)
Programs available at American InterContinental University include Visual Communications, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Associate’s of Business Administration, Bachelor’s of Business Administration, BBA Management, BBA Marketing, BBA Health Care Management, BBA Human Resources, Master’s of Business Administration, MBA Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Health Care Management, MBA Human Resources, Marketing, BBA Marketing, MBA Marketing, Health Care Management, BBA Health Care Management, MBA Health Care Management, Education, Master’s of Education, Information Technology, Associate’s of Business Administration, Information Technology, Bachelor’s of Information Technology, Master’s of Information Technology, and more.

Western Governors University
As the nation’s only online, competency-based university, WGU focuses on developing a highly competent graduate, not just someone who has accumulated credit hours. In fact, WGU does not award degrees based on credit hours or required courses. Your progress is determined by your ability to pass rigorous assessments–typically tests, projects and a portfolio–that measure your knowledge and skills as you move through your degree program. Programs: Business Administration – Business Management – Computer Information Science – Finance – Human Resources Emphasis – Information Technology Network Management – Information Technology Network Security – Information Technology Software Development – IT Management Emphasis – Learning and Technology – M.B.A.—IT Management – Management Accounting – Marketing Management – Mathematics (Mathematics (5-9 or 5-12) – Mathematics Education (K-6, 5-9 or 5-12) – Other – Other – Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Program, Mathematics (5-12) – Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Program, Science (5-12) – Professional Studies – Science (5-9 or 5-12) – Science Education (5-9 or 5-12) – Teaching, Mathematics (5-12) – Teaching, Science (5-12). Locations: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Westwood College (Online)
Westwood Online offers a variety of academic programs that prepare students for high-demand careers. Each program is designed with cooperation and guidance from business leaders to ensure that the curriculum and learning experiences prepare graduates for success in their chosen careers.
Programs: Animation – Business Administration: Concentration in Accounting – Business Administration: Concentration in Marketing and Sales – Computer Network Engineering – Computer Network Management – E-Business Management – Graphic Design and Multimedia – Software Engineering – Web Design and Multimedia and more. Find out more about these programs by requesting non-obligatory information directory from Westwood College.

University of Phoenix Online
Since 1976, University of Phoenix has been a recognized leader in adult education. Their commitment to high educational standards and exceptional student service has made them the largest private accredited university in the United States. With campuses in many locations across the United States, University of Phoenix has helped thousands of working professionals achieve their academic and career goals every year. They can help you, too. You’ll have our proven record of success behind you. • 95% of our graduates are highly satisfied with the impact we’ve made on their careers 50% indicate a promotion or advancement within one year of obtaining their degree.
Browse all Programs. Campus Locations Online

Tulane University – Online
The MBA Master Certificate Track from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business is a comprehensive professional development series covering the most critical MBA subject areas in business and management today. Constructed like a college degree program, this step-by-step approach builds on itself, taking you through the essential skills managers and other professionals need to stay competitive in today’s business world. With each 8-week program you will acquire essential skills managers and other professionals need to stay competitive in today’s business world, 4 CEUs and a University-issued certificate serving as an important credential. Students who successfully complete all three programs will receive the Master Certificate in Business Management. Earning a Master Certificate demonstrates your solid understanding of critical MBA skills with a special emphasis in Management – the key skills employers look for when making advancement decisions.
Programs: MBA Essentials I – Marketing Management – Financial Management – Business Statistics – Financial Accounting – MBA Essentials II – International Business – Advanced Finance – Financial Statement Analysis – Leadership – MBA Management Fundamentals – Managerial Perspectives – Managing People – Business Law for Managers – Managerial Economics.

Regis University Online
Attention Working Adults: Get your Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, or Professional Certification by learning Online from a legitimate, respected University. Regis University’s School for Professional Studies and Rueckert-Hartman School for Health Professions are now offering courses and entire degree programs online. Areas in which online study is available include Nursing, Physical Therapy, Health Services Administration & Management, e-Commerce, Computer Networking, and more. Visit for information regarding application and finances.
Programs: MBA, MBA/Marketing, MBA/Finance & Accounting, MBA/Healthcare Management. Locaitons: Online.

National Unversity Online
The executive masters in business administration (EMBA) provides adult learners with a comprehensive theoretical orientation and the skills needed for executive decision-making and negotiation. The focus of this program is on multidisciplinary approaches, such as economic, political, and cultural analyses in strategic planning and development in national and international businesses. Moreover, the ethical application for executives in organizations is emphasized. Degrees Programs in: Business, Executive MBA.

Liberty University Online
Liberty University is a world-class Christian university. We provide you a top-notch education while nurturing your spiritual growth. You can enjoy traditional classroom experiences or take advantage of our distance learning programs. This Rn to BSN Degree program offers you: BSN – Nursing Degree Completion Program. Programs at Liberty University: – Associates of Arts in General Studies – Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies – Bachelor of Science in Business – Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Bachelor of Science in Religion – BSN degree completion (RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) – Graduate Degrees offered by Liberty University – Master in Education – Education Specialist – Master of Divinity – Master in Business Administration – Master of Arts in Professional Counseling – Master of Arts in Religion – Doctor of Ministry – Doctor of Philosophy in Professional Counseling – Doctor of Education – Graduate Resident Semester format offered by Liberty University – Master of Theology – Master of Religious Studies – Master of Science in Nursing. Locations: Online.

Keller Graduate School of Business Management  (Online Program)
Keller programs are practitioner-oriented. We believe when ambitious adult students are taught by working professionals — instructors who practice what they teach — a dynamic real-world learning environment is created. At Keller, we’re committed to our students’ professional and academic success. Our approach to distance learning integrates today’s high-tech capabilities with proven instructional methodologies. The result is solid education enhanced by the latest in interactive information technology – online class discussion groups, CDs, e-mail, online classroom lectures, additional internet resources, as well as traditional textbooks – that enables students to send and receive feedback from instructors, as well as to participate in various group and team activities with fellow online students. Programs: Business Administration – Human Resource Management – Information Systems Management – Network – Communication Management – Project Management – Public Administration – Telecommunications Management. Locations: Online.

Keiser College eCampus
For over 25 years, Keiser College has provided student-centered, quality career education and now offers degree programs online to prepare students for high-demand professions. Associate and bachelor’s degrees are offered with a curriculum that is in pace with technology and workforce demand trends. Our “one class at a time” approach allows busy students to focus on their education and balance the demands of work and family. PROGRAMS: Associate Degree Programs Online: Associate of Arts Degree in Health Services Administration, Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting, Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, Associate of Arts Degree in Homeland Security, Associate of Arts Degree in Paralegal, Associate of Science Degree in Computer Networking & Security Management, Associate of Science Degree in Medical Assisting, Bachelor Degree Programs Online: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, BA, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS). Locations: Orlando, Florida.

Stratford University
If you want a better chance at earning more money, getting more respect from your employers and providing a better life for your family, then completing a program at Stratford University could be perfect for you. Located near Washington DC, our nation’s capital, Stratford can turn your interests into profitable career opportunities, whether your passion is technology, business, hospitality or culinary arts, you can earn a Master’s Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree. Advanced technology and hands-on labs are integrated with traditional education methods centered on individual students. Stratford has excellent graduation and job placement statistics, with staff doing all they can to ensure that you reach your goals. Inspiring, motivating, demanding, stimulating and caring are some adjectives used to describe Stratford instructors, who constantly strive to connect with each student based on his or her own needs and learning methods. Let the dedicated instructors at Stratford University teach you the skills that will change your life. Programs: – Business Administration – Business Administration – Business Administration MBA – Digital Design & Animation – Enterprise Business Management – Entrepreneurial Business MS – Hospitality Management BS – Hotel and Restaurant Management AAS – Information Systems MS – IT – Network Management & Security – Software Engineering MS – Telecommunications Systems MS – Web Services and E-Business
Locations: Falls Church VA – Woodbridge VA.

Kaplan University (Online)
Kaplan University helps students looking to either change or advance their careers by offering online flexibility, reduced costs, financial aid assistance, and a fast path to a degree. The instructors at Kaplan have the academic background and professional experience that allows them to pass on real-world knowledge to their students. The degree programs have a curriculum that is focused on career goals, and they feature various areas of emphasis. Programs: Accounting – Alternative Dispute Resolution – Branding and Visual Communications – Business – Business Administration/Accounting – Business Administration/Management – Business and Communications Entrepreneur – Computer Information Systems – Corrections – Criminal Justice – Database – E-Business – Elementary – Finance – Health Care Management – Information Technology – Law Enforcement – Management – Management of Information Systems – Management/Health Care Management – Multimedia and Animation – Networking – Paralegal Studies – Private Security – Programming – Sales and Marketing – Secondary – Teaching and Learning – Teaching Literacy and Language – Teaching Students With Special Needs – Teaching With Technology – Web Development – Web Optimization and Integration.

Florida Metropolitan University Online
FMU Online is offering new Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. The program is designed for students to accelerate degree completion in as little as 14 months while concentrating their studies on one course at a time in an intensive online environment. Programs: Accelerated Masters in Criminal Justice – Accounting Associate – Accounting Bachelor – Business – Administration Associate – Business Administration Bachelor – Business International Associate – Business International Bachelor – Business – Management Associate – Business Management Bachelor – Business Marketing Associate – Business Marketing Bachelor – Computer Information – Science Network Administration (AS) – Computer Information Science Programming (AS) – Computer Information Science Programming (BS) – Computer Information Science Web Design (AS) – Criminal Justice Associates – Criminal Justice Bachelor – Homeland Security Associates – Homeland Security Bachelor – Master in Criminal Justice – MBA General – MBA Human Resources – MBA International Business – Paralegal Associates – Paralegal Bachelors. Locations: Online

Ellis College (Online)
If you are looking to gain an extra foothold in the professional world, enhancing your abilities at your current job or widening your career options, then the Ellis MBA Program may be perfect for you. With courses developed at the most prestigious universities in the country, top experts in business can help you gain an MBA in just 18 months. Drawing on the latest business concepts, the scenario-based classes focus on imparting conceptual theory and practical real-world solutions essential for every manager. With a core curriculum centered on business language and skills, students learn how to design, evaluate and improve a business based on solid economic principles. Specialized programs are also available, ranging from Accounting to Marketing. The Ellis MBA program provides fast results that can truly help you rise to the next level in the business world. Programs in Accounting, Accounting and, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Economics, E-Commerce, Human Resources Management, Global Management, Leadership, Project Management, Risk Management, Health Care Administration, Management of Information Systems, Management of Technology.

DeVry University Online
Since 1931, more than 250,000 students have graduated from DeVry. DeVry’s academic programs are designed to launch and support successful careers in business management and technology. Degree programs are offered at DeVry campuses and DeVry University Centers nationwide, and through DeVry University Online. Academic Programs: Accounting – Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship – Ecommerce – Hospitality Management – Human Resource Management – Health Services – Management – Business Information Systems – Operations Management – Project Management – Security Management – Sales and Marketing – Client/ Server – Main frame Computing – Network Administration – Web Application – Technical Management. Locations: Online.

Ashworth College Online
Ashworth College is ideal for people like you: busy working adults who want to qualify for career advancement and higher pay. Our nationally accredited distance learning programs are all conveniently self-paced. There are no commuting hassles, no classroom schedules, no deadline pressures. Earn your associate’s degree or master’s degree at home in your spare time!

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