November 17, 2018
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Best Online e-Commerce Colleges

Online e-Commerce Colleges: . The online colleges listed below offer e-Commerce programs, and allow you to take your classes at home, at the office, or anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Most online colleges allow you to get degrees at your own pace – which makes it much easier to fit getting your college degree into your busy schedule.

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All of the online colleges listed below are fully accredited. In addition, all of the online colleges listed below offer financial aid and job placement assistance. Note that classes from online colleges can be taken in online as well. Please see the list of online e-Commerce colleges below.

American InterContinental University (Online)
Programs available at American InterContinental University include Visual Communications, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Best Online e-Commerce CollegesCriminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Associate’s of Business Administration, Bachelor’s of Business Administration, BBA Management, BBA Marketing, BBA Health Care Management, BBA Human Resources, Master’s of Business Administration, MBA Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Health Care Management, MBA Human Resources, Marketing, BBA Marketing, MBA Marketing, Health Care Management, BBA Health Care Management, MBA Health Care Management, Education, Master’s of Education, Information Technology, Associate’s of Business Administration, Information Technology, Bachelor’s of Information Technology, Master’s of Information Technology, and more.

Best Online e-Commerce Colleges

Education Direct
Education Direct is the world’s largest and most respected distance learning institution. Since 1890, over 13 million students have enrolled and improved their careers and their lives. Education Direct is one of the oldest and largest distance learning institutions in the world. The school provides programs and services that are designed to meet the life-long learning needs of the adult learner. Programs of study lead to specialized associate degrees and career-specific diplomas. Programs: Associate Degrees in the following: Accounting, Applied Computer Science, Business Management, Business Mgmt. – option in Finance, Business Mgmt. – option in Human Resources, Business Mgmt. – option in Marketing, Civil Engineering Technology, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, Graphic Design, Health Information Technology, Hospitality Management, Internet Technology / E-Commerce Administration, Internet Technology / Multimedia and Design, Internet Technology / Web Programming, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Paralegal Studies, PC Maintenance Technology, Veterinary Technician. Training Programs offered in the following: Artist, Auto Repair Technician, AutoCAD®, Basic Electronics, Bookkeeping, Carpenter, Catering/Gourmet Cooking, Child Day Care Management, Computer Graphic Artist, Dental Assistant, Desktop Publishing & Design, Diesel Mechanics, Dressmaking & Design, Electrician, Electronics Technician, Fitness and Nutrition, Floral Design, Freelance Writer, High School, Home Inspector, Home Remodeling and Repair, Hotel/Restaurant Management, HVAC Technician, Interior Decorator, JAVA® Programmer, Legal Secretary, Medical Insurance Clerk, Medical Office Assistant, Medica, Transcriptionist, Motorcycle Repair Technician, Occupational Therapy Aide, Paralegal, PC Repair, PC Specialist, Pet Groomer, Pharmacy Technician, Photographer , Physical Therapy Aide, Plumber, Private Investigator, Professional Bridal Consultant, Professional Landscaper, Professional Locksmithing, Professional Secretary, Small Business Owner, Smal, Engine Repair, Spanish (certificate), Teacher Aide, Travel Agent, Veterinary Assistant, Visual Basic® .NET Programmer, Visual C#® .NET Programmer, Web Page Designer, Wildlife/Forestry Conservation. Locations: Online.

Jones International University (Online)
Whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or embark on a new career path, Jones International University has the depth of degree programs to assist you in reaching your goals. We offer a variety of accredited, online degree programs designed specifically for working adults. We offer industry-specific programs in today’s most dynamic fields, such as business, education, and communications. The right education can mean the difference between moving ahead in your chosen career or standing still. Jones International University employs the brightest minds from the world’s leading universities, including Stanford University, Columbia University and Thunderbird to create highly relevant and practical learning experiences. Programs: Master of Arts in Business Communication, Master of Business Administration. Locations: Online. Programs:Business, Communication, Education, Healthcare, Information Technology.

Kaplan University (Online)
Kaplan University helps students looking to either change or advance their careers by offering online flexibility, reduced costs, financial aid assistance, and a fast path to a degree. The instructors at Kaplan have the academic background and professional experience that allows them to pass on real-world knowledge to their students. The degree programs have a curriculum that is focused on career goals, and they feature various areas of emphasis. Programs: Accounting – Alternative Dispute Resolution – Branding and Visual Communications – Business – Business Administration/Accounting – Business Administration/Management – Business and Communications Entrepreneur – Computer Information Systems – Corrections – Criminal Justice – Database – E-Business – Elementary – Finance – Health Care Management – Information Technology – Law Enforcement – Management – Management of Information Systems – Management/Health Care Management – Multimedia and Animation – Networking – Paralegal Studies – Private Security – Programming – Sales and Marketing – Secondary – Teaching and Learning – Teaching Literacy and Language – Teaching Students With Special Needs – Teaching With Technology – Web Development – Web Optimization and Integration.

Kennedy Western University – Online
Committed to providing the adult learner with a quality post secondary education, Warren National University offers a rigorous academic curriculum comparable to that of traditional universities. The selection of excellent and challenging curriculum is central to this philosophy. Warren National University staff regularly reviews the curricula of major universities within the United States. Course offerings are frequently updated to remain current with the theories and academic trends advanced in traditional academia. To foster personal relevancy, students are encouraged to select courses that are compatible with their occupational and professional objectives. Thus, areas of study are directly applicable to the student’s professional environment and serve to augment and enhance previous knowledge and skills. Programs: – Business Administration – Computer Science – E-Business, E-Commerce – Electrical Engineering – Engineering Management – Environmental Engineering – Executive Business Administration – Finance – General Engineering – Health Administration – Human Resource Management – International Business Administration – Management and Leadership – Management Information Systems – Management of Technology – Mechanical Engineering – Safety Engineering – Software Engineering. Locations: Online.

Keller Graduate School of Management – Multiple Locations Nationwide


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Accounting and Financial Management (MAFM)
Master of Information Systems Management (MISM)
Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)
Master of Network and Communications Management (NCM)
Master of Project Management (MPM)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Graduate certificate in Accounting
Graduate certificate in Business Administration
Graduate certificate in Electronic Commerce Management
Graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship
Graduate certificate in Financial Analysis
Graduate certificate in Health Services Management
Graduate certificate in Human Resource Management
Graduate certificate in Information Security
Graduate certificate in Information Systems Management
Graduate certificate in Network and Communications Management
Graduate certificate in Project Management

*Programs offered vary by location

Westwood College (Online)
Westwood Online offers a variety of academic programs that prepare students for high-demand careers. Each program is designed with cooperation and guidance from business leaders to ensure that the curriculum and learning experiences prepare graduates for success in their chosen careers.
Programs: Animation – Business Administration: Concentration in Accounting – Business Administration: Concentration in Marketing and Sales – Computer Network Engineering – Computer Network Management – E-Business Management – Graphic Design and Multimedia – Software Engineering – Web Design and Multimedia and more. Find out more about these programs by requesting non-obligatory information directory from Westwood College.

Ellis College (Online)
If you are looking to gain an extra foothold in the professional world, enhancing your abilities at your current job or widening your career options, then the Ellis MBA Program may be perfect for you. With courses developed at the most prestigious universities in the country, top experts in business can help you gain an MBA in just 18 months. Drawing on the latest business concepts, the scenario-based classes focus on imparting conceptual theory and practical real-world solutions essential for every manager. With a core curriculum centered on business language and skills, students learn how to design, evaluate and improve a business based on solid economic principles. Specialized programs are also available, ranging from Accounting to Marketing. The Ellis MBA program provides fast results that can truly help you rise to the next level in the business world. Programs in Accounting, Accounting and, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Economics, E-Commerce, Human Resources Management, Global Management, Leadership, Project Management, Risk Management, Health Care Administration, Management of Information Systems, Management of Technology.

Colorado Technical University (Online)
Take advantage of the growing need for qualified professionals. Get your Bachelor’s Degree in Management, HR Management, Marketing or Information Technology! Colorado Technical University Online has developed the following innovative new Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree programs. Programs: Bachelor’s (BSBA) in Management, Bachelor’s (BSBA) in Human Resource Management, Bachelor’s (BSBA) in Marketing, Bachelor’s (BSBA) in Information Technology. CTU Online also offers rewarding Master’s degree (MSM) programs in Business and Technology: Master’s (MSM) in Business Management, Master’s (MSM) in Project ManagementMaster’s (MSM) in Information Systems Security, Master’s (MSM) in Information Technology Management.

ITT Technical Institute (Online)
What do you want to do with your future? If you have aspirations for a career in technology, consider getting more information about the educational opportunities offered at the ITT Technical Institutes. ITT Techs offer associate and bachelor degree programs in a variety of technology areas. Programs: Bachelor Degree in Information Systems Security.
Masters Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor Degree in Business Accounting Technology, Business Administration, Technical Project Management. Associate Degree in Business Accounting Technology, Business Administration. Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice, Associate Degree in Criminal Justice.

University of Phoenix Online
Since 1976, University of Phoenix has been a recognized leader in adult education. Their commitment to high educational standards and exceptional student service has made them the largest private accredited university in the United States. With campuses in many locations across the United States, University of Phoenix has helped thousands of working professionals achieve their academic and career goals every year. They can help you, too. You’ll have our proven record of success behind you. • 95% of our graduates are highly satisfied with the impact we’ve made on their careers 50% indicate a promotion or advancement within one year of obtaining their degree.
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