November 13, 2018
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HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A CAREER AS A VIRTUAL PARALEGAL? In these days, there is high job insecurity as the economy has faced recession a few years ago. So it is only natural that you have contingency plans for having a decent living. While you may be enjoying the comforts of success for the current moment in your office, you do not know what happens the next moment, and whether you are assured of receiving your next paycheck. Such is the harsh reality faced by millions of people worldwide.

But this is not the dead end. Instead of being a victim to the recession, you have to think of various alternative ways available to make good money. An average paralegal salary is around $46,990 per year in most offices. So it is a safe bet that you can also earn good money working from home as a virtual paralegal. And the best alternative would always be pursuing an online education, and virtual paralegal career stand a good choice. The lawyers’ needs are mounting, and so is the need for paralegals and paralegal assistants.

The paralegal career is quickly becoming one of the most popular and fastest growing careers in the world. A vast amount of the work in the legal industry is performed by paralegals and law firms are becoming more and more reliant on these qualified legal professionals. A popular question among those people interested in becoming a paralegal is whether or not they can learn how to become a paralegal from home.

When you get actually trained in the course and become employed, you may even decide to become a lawyer, which fetches even more income than the paralegals. Even if you take up the virtual paralegal profession as an alternative, you might find it more enchanting that you might want to make this your first career choice.

You are qualified to do paralegal work once you complete the online paralegal course and obtain a certificate. Nowadays, there are many colleges and universities which offer courses, both offline and online. In most institutions, the basic qualification for enrolling in an online course is a High School Diploma or its equivalent. The paralegal field is a challenging one with excellent earning prospects. There is always demand for lawyers to solve law problems in every part of the world, and so you are assured of an ongoing career in this profession.

Education Requirements

There are a number of different online schools, universities, and colleges that offer associates degrees in paralegal studies. This level of education is typically seen as the minimum to be employed as an entry level paralegal and you’ll definitely want to have it before applying for any positions.

Unfortunately, the American Bar Association requires schools to have an in-class portion of education in order to become approved. This means that fully online programs cannot be ABA approved but partially online programs can achieve approval. Whilst having an ABA approved education is preferred, it certainly isn’t required.

People who have a bachelors degree in an unrelated degree can also pursue a paralegal certification as an equivalent to an associates degree in paralegal studies.

Can Paralegals Work From Home? 

If a paralegal is employed by a law firm then in all likely hood they will need to spend most (if not all) of their time at the office. Due to the nature of the assignments a paralegal performs they often need to communicate with other paralegals as well as lawyers and clients. Although this is possible to do from home, it is much easier and more convenient to do in person. Some paralegals may be able to complete some tasks from home on occasion but it is definitely not the norm.

If you are a virtual paralegal or a self-employed freelancer, then you can definitely complete your tasks from home. There are a number of websites and organizations that connect people who require paralegal help with freelancing paralegals. Lawyers who run small firms will often need to outsource assignments to these types of paralegals.

Being self employed like this will definitely offer a paralegal more freedom and independence. But, in order to communicate with your client, you may have to be available to speak on the phone at odd hours of the day, especially if you live in different states.

If you do want to freelance you will want to gain abroad range of experience as a virtual paralegal so you can offer your services to different specialized attorneys.

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