November 15, 2018
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Develop your English skills before studying in US

Develop your English skills before studying in US

How do you improve the English skills before going to study in the US? It’s probably not a new topic.Develop your English skills before studying in US Watching the movies in English, chatting with oversea friends or even experiencing real life in English-speaking countries like the US, Britain or Australia are useful ways to improve English skills for those who are not native speakers.

However, when international students actually enter college lecture hall, you will find difficulty in communicating with teachers and classmates. You may have effort much to improve their English skills. Therefore, before arriving in the United States to study, you should expand the English possibilities in all skills.

  1. Expand your vocabulary

Besides the number of word learned daily, while reviewing and drilling for exams such as TOEFL or GRE, students will accumulate certain academic vocabularies. However, these words are not used often popular.

What you need to pass the first semester is the specialized vocabularies. Studying a specialized dictionary will be very useful. Collect the vocabularies and create a glossary for yourself.

Visit to the websites of the faculty to observe draft platform and learn about history as well as the research of faculty. This will help you have chance to see their printed matter and help expand the necessary vocabularies for subjects.

  1. Practice your listening skills – speaking

To be able to participate well in class, international students must be able to communicate with lecturer and peers effectively.

Thanks to modern technology, you can observe all kinds of information and utilize it to get better preparation. The programs as NPR, TED Talks and Radiolab are very helpful, helping the listener become familiar with the vocabulary of each specific theme. Reading academic articles helps understand better reasoning as well as improves speaking skill.

  1. Improve reading – writing skills

Reading is an important skill for students studying in the US. The amount of material that you must read fluctuates from tens to hundreds of pages each week, depending on the requirement of the course. Start practicing this important skill by reading newspapers, magazines and online news in English. Remember that reading is a great way to learn vocabulary and acquire new ideas. Besides, the reading speed is also a factor to create success. You shouldn’t dwell on any sentence too long and try to catch the main idea.

On the other hand, international students must take a lot of time to develop writing skills. The first step is to read an article in English, then rewrite by your own thoughts. You should pay particular attention to formal writing style, use new words, arrange the ideas and structure of sentences. You remember that, perseverance is the key of success.

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