November 13, 2018
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Elementary Education is an Integral Part of a Childs Development

Education is an integral part of a child’s development and the first stage of education usually begins at the age of 5-7 and it is known as elementary education. Elementary education is compulsory in all the schools because it forms the foundation of the child’s career and growth. The entire teaching strategy in the United States is aimed at improving the overall performance of a student in academic as well as extracurricular activities and emphasis is laid on reading, writing, social studies and science. There are private as well as public institutions which offer elementary education but the system of organization varies accordingly from one state to another.

Teachers play a significant role in imparting the right kind of education and training to the children. Elementary education is compulsory under the ‘No Child Left Behind’ initiative. Teaching and learning are different in private and public schools. There are only 20-30 students in a public elementary school as compared to 60-70 in a private elementary school. Teachers are explained the curriculum and are expected to teach in a friendly manner so there is enough interaction between the students and the teachers and the entire learning process is enjoyable and fun.

Teaching and learning methods again vary from one school to another, but the basic goal of establishing foundations in important subjects like geography, science, and social studies remain the same. An important feature of elementary education is to build a friendly and sociable relationship between the teacher and the children. Earlier corporal punishment was a part of primary education which was considered as a method of instilling punctuality and discipline amongst students. However, recently this technique has come under scrutiny of the government and has been declared punishable under the law. It is believed that educational reforms are necessary and will enable the citizens to lead modern and civilized lives.

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