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Entering Nursing Field From College Tips

You’ve heard of nurses before or perhaps you are a new one entering the field. You may have asked yourself at some point, “what do nurses actually do?”. Well, there’s a lot of things and they’re not limited to just helping a patient into a wheelchair or passing medication, depending on where you are in the career field. Nurses do a great deal of work interacting and helping patients outside of purely medical ideologies, including making sure they’re feeling okay, taken well care of, time spent assessing anything that may be wrong with them at the moment and sharing in activities to perk their moods. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of effort put into dealing with patients and their loved ones. It transcends the simply boundary of administering an injection or changing bedsheets. This is what appeals to a lot of people with nursing; it’s the forefront of social and medical interaction, and even better, it’s always an “in” job opportunity. The thing that usually unites different kinds of nurses who handle different procedures and methods in varying areas is the core component of delivering holistic care focused on the patient. It’s the same thing doctors have in mind and as well as every other medical professional; they want their patients to feel good and get better. That’s the point of medicine, essentially, so why wouldn’t it be the main focus of a medical professional? As a nurse, you’ll be focusing on providing that kind of care to your patients.

Entering Nursing Field From College Tips

Entering Nursing Field From College Tips This is where assessment comes in. There are tools, procedures and protocols to follow when diagnosing a patient, something an RN would have to do. The client or patient will have the data  gathered and analyzed, differentiating between other possible diagnoses on the charts and illnesses. Because of the higher degree, its an RN’s job (or Nurse Practitioner) to handle a lot of the work a doctor would handle as well. Sadly, they don’t get the same amount of respect, though they definitely deserve it. In some cases, a nurse will work harder than the licensed medical doctor. This could simply be spending more time with the patient and providing better, holistic care and having more interaction – they’re more likely to notice things a doctor wouldn’t because of the extreme time constraints. That being said, doctors are still to be highly respected as well. We’re not ripping on Mds, but rather trying to show that nurses are just as valid and important as doctors. Not so much in a lesser way either. Nurses will often do a lot of the same work a licensed doctor will do as well, so their experience is just as valid. When taking the dive into the world of nursing, you’re taking a step into the world of helping people in general. It’s a noble practice and a highly rewarding one as well. If you further your education, you can keep climbing higher and have more responsibility shifted your way and possibly grab a medical doctorate as well.

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