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What exactly does one need to become a nurse?

So, what exactly does one need to be come a nurse? It’s a question that has different answers. What kind of nurse do you want to be? How quickly would you like to get there? It ultimately depends on what you want to do, but we’ll take a look at the available options for nursing and more in this article. Generally, the lowest form of a nurse is a CNA (certified nurse assistant). They’re not really nurses but provide assistance for the registered nurses on the field. You’ll likely seem them helping around in nursing homes or hospitals.

What exactly does one need to become a nurse?

They’re generally paid a bit above minimum wage and the coursework to get there is only around 8 weeks. They’re a great option for someone wanting to dip their toes into the field of nursing and will familiarize you with some of the basic core concepts revolving around nursing itself. There are a lot of educational options as well – you can attend a university, for example, or use your time in a community college. Neither of them really makes too much a difference in pay, so it’s best recommended that you go with the community college option as it is the cheapest and most affordable.

Consider what you’ll be doing as an entry-level CNA as well. A lot of the time, it’s lifting patients out of bed or assisting in activities they need help with like bathing or eating. It will require a bit of physical strength because of all the work you’ll be doing, but less so than say a construction job or even retail. It’s also required in most states to advance higher up to different levels of nursing such as an LPN or RN. The good news is the time between climbing the steps of the nursing system are generally pretty relaxed, so you don’t needs to worry about spending loads of money and years trying to become something a simple as a med-tech (usually called a CMT or certified medicine technician). It’s also very cost-effective; any degree in the nursing field is paid a lot better than something with the same time spent comparatively and there are loads of jobs around the nation requiring nurses.

In fact, if you were to grab an RN (registered nurse), you’re paid almost as well as doctors. Nurse practitioners are paid even more and allowed to diagnose patients as well, putting the skills and tools learned in college to good use. You’ll find a lot of times the doctor uses the nurse practitioner first to check the patient. Usually, they’re just as knowledgeable as a doctor save for a couple minor specifications only an MD would receive. It’s a great career path to choose, especially because nurses and medical technicians will always be needed. It’s one of those recession proof jobs that will keep going through even the worst of the economy. It’s also one of the best paying as well and very popular. Hospitals and nursing homes around the world are pretty much always short of a helping hand, so you’re guaranteed to find work unless you abuse your licensing. All in all, it’s a good career choice. © 2015 Frontier Theme