November 17, 2018
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Experience of an exchange student in America

Experience of an exchange student in America. Hope these will help you adapt to life here early


In the US, the independence and self-control has always been the prior. Americans always features the frankness, if they don’t agree with the opponent’s opinion, they will be ready to make a constructive comment.

Learning and Research

When learning a new class, you should be close to an American student, normally, older people are more accessible and learn more seriously. When contacting with them you will have the opportunity to improve your English skills, especially if your teacher lectures so fast that you don’t write in time, you can ask the next person.

Experience of an exchange student in AmericaSo before going to school, you should read the document to understand the main idea of the lecture and new words ahead. If you have difficulties, you can ask the teacher (possibly you arrange the appointment directly or write an email). They are always ready to help you, but remember that you must ask specific questions should not ask the discursive question or available answers in books. You shoul remember that you should only ask when you really need to help. Before testing, you should consult the question from previous years to have a thorough grasp of the forms, practice how to deduce as well as help check your overall knowledge and the parts which you need to review. When you got used to and smoothly with the tests, you can understand quicker and can also help you make better tests.

The first picnic with new friend


Exchange students have three different style of living: living with local Americans (homestay), staying at the school’s dormitory (Living with other international students) and share a house / outside apartment. With homestay style, you don’t have to buy furniture, because it is available, eat 2 meals / day, English skill is improved clearly. However, this method is expensive and somewhat lost the freedom due to living at home’s the stranger, so you also need to follow some rules. Staying at the school’s dormitory with international students is very good for you to quickly integrate new life, improve English skills. You can eat at dormitory if you want, but the price is quite expensive.

Staying with foreign students may face some things which are not pleasant such as: don’t wash the dish, don’t clean living room and kitchen, or organizing parties all night may affect your learning. The most common way is that you should share a house or apartment. This method can help you become more proactive in finding suitable people to share and the price can be cheaper. But if so, you’ll have to cook, clean. When renting a house outside, you should learn about the law thoroughly, carefully read the lease agreement, if you havenot been fluent in English contract yet, you should ask people with experience.


The papers in portable luggage: passport, plane ticket, Letter of entering school, the informations about the school, accomodation in America and related documents

Luggage with you: you should bring essential things such as: personal belongings (toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel) to use on the first month, then you can buy at the supermarket. For costume: you should bring jean and shirt , as these are uniform of most universities and colleges in the US, however, you should not carry too much due to on the off season, you can buy many modern things with very reasonable prices. Your luggage must be given the controllingemployee check to ensure the security and therefore you should use TSA lock (code lock) to avoid being tampered lockwhen security employee wants to open for checking.


In America, there are many ways to choose travelling. It is based on your accommodation. If you stay at school, you just need to walk. When going out, you can use one of the following vehicles: bike, bus, train and subway, taxi, private car,

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