November 17, 2018
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Financial Services Roundtable awards $110,000 in scholarships

Financial Services Roundtable awards $110,000 in scholarships
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The Financial Services Roundtable announced the distribution of a total of $110,000 in scholarships to 22 students for the upcoming school year as part of two scholarship programs: the financial literacy scholarship and the Roundtable Financial Scholarship Foundation.

The financial literacy scholarship is granted annually to graduating seniors who have completed a financial literacy course and are headed to college in the amount of $5,000 each.

The Roundtable Financial Scholarship Foundation grants $5,000 scholarships to students pursuing careers in the financial services industry, and selected based on equal parts of academic achievement, character and financial need. The 2012 honorary co-chairman are Raymond James Financial’s Thomas A. James, AXA Equitable’s Christopher Condron and Wells Fargo & Company’s Spencer Eccles.

The Financial Services Roundtable represents 100 of the largest integrated financial services companies providing banking, insurance and investment products and services in the United States. Member companies participate through the CEO and senior executives nominated by the CEO.

“Whether we’re encouraging students who are entering into a career in financial services, or rewarding financially literate young adults—we’re so pleased to award these scholarships to 22 highly deserving and remarkably bright students,” said Steve Bartlett, president and CEO for the Roundtable, in a statement.

The 2012 scholarship winners are:

•    Haley Beall of Orange, Tex.
•    Nicole Coble of Glen Allen, Va.
•    Leslie Diep of Las Vegas, Nev.
•    Timothy Douhne of Chatsworth, Ga.
•    David Dwight of Richmond, Va.
•    Victoria Hillesheim of Galloway, N.J.
•    Kacey Hogshooter of Highlandville, Mo.
•    Kendale King of Cleveland, Ohio
•    Elizabeth Lauer of Stephens City, Va.
•    Paloma Lule of Arvin, Calif.
•    Kristina McGowen of Plano, Tex.
•    Cecilia Mendoza of San Diego, Calif.
•    Angelica Palmer of Latta, S.C.
•    Diana Segura of Sparks, Nev.
•    Taylor Steiger of Kimball, S.D.
•    Siehera Thibodeau of Toronto, S.D.
•    Alex Volkov of Rancho Cordova, Calif.
•    Jamie Akoury of Scranton, Pa.
•    Magdalena Kala of Cambridge, Mass.
•    Reid McCann of Cambridge, Mass.
•    Gregory McDouglas of Quincy, Mass.
•    Derek Sawaya of Taylorsville, Utah

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