November 17, 2018
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High Technology High School- The most famous high school of majoring Math the US

High Technology High School (abbreviated as HTHS) was established in 1991 in the city of Lincroft, New Jersey, United States. It located at Brookdale Community College campus and is one of the specialized fields of science, mathematics and engineering .

School is the result of collaborative efforts between County Vocational School at Monmouth District (Monmouth County Vocational School District – MCVSD) and Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees aim incubation and produced generations of talented students in both hard skill and soft skill in the future.

High Technology High School- The most famous high school of majoring Math the US

High Technology High School

Since its foundation, the application process to join in school become more intense competition and difficult; every year only about 75 students were selected from 300 candidates stand. These students represent all 52 students from different areas in the US and create a diverse community of culture, gender and the equal environment between different races when they learn and live together. Like that The Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST), The Academy of Allied Health and Science (AAHS), Communications High School (CHS), and Biotechnology High School (BTHS), High Technology and Monmouth County Vocational School District are creating a new definition together of education in the XXI century.

High Technology High School- The most famous high school of majoring Math the US

 Mission for the success

With the goal of creating generation potential students good at both the knowledge, the expertise and skills in the job, the HTHS University always consider the mission will make a success.

The management department, personnel department, the staff of the school and the parents are supported so much from top leaders of businesses, industrial parks and the local university. This formed the community block integration with the aim of promoting and producing leaders who wish learning as well as possessing the skills necessary to work in the future. The course instructor acts as the support effectively help students acquire communication skills and modern technology, necessary to occupy high positions in the technology world progressive. Students will be taught how to deal with risky wisely and problem solving skills creative. Thereby helping them become more mature and responsible with professional ethics and society. In terms of learning, all students are required to attend courses of Brookdale Community College in preparation for studying at HTHS. Additionally, students may choose to attend the course they like after the school time to discover, receive or apply the higher studies. Besides, the HTHS student was taking a practice program extremely useful instead of having attended a course at university for a semester.

In this course, students will be working and learning to earn experience along with an architect, scientist or a researcher and they can conduct a study in certain time in the field of technology two mornings / week. Ending the internship program, each student will present their research in workshops with other students and with the participation of the Advisory Council.

These courses are taught in HTHS by a team of professional teachers. Science and technology programs, humanities and technology programs combine secondary school subjects to increase the academic title and the knowledge for students. They also worked in groups to increase skills and evaluate the learning process.

According to Newsweek magazines in 2011, the students at High Technology High School are registered with stand SAT scores in 2145 – the highest level in the US. For years the school is always get the best high schools in America by US News & World Report. In 2011, the HTHS won the top spot in the list of high school math and science specialist best the United States and in 2012, the school is situated in the list of 10 public high schools by US News Best & World Report published.

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