October 20, 2018
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IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Council – www.futurelearn.com

IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Council – www.futurelearn. Anybody contemplating taking an English dialect test, for example, IELTS, this course especially helpful, yet all English dialect IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Councillearners will profit by the tips and guidance given in the course. IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Council – www.futurelearn.com. The IELTS Online Preparation Course concentrates on the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). IELTS is the world’s most famous English dialect test for advanced education and it’s acknowledged by more than 9,000 instutions overall including colleges, managers, movement powers and expert bodies. More than 2.2 million IELTS tests were taken comprehensively a year ago. IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Council. ;;;

IELTS Online Preparation Course BD

For having aptitude in English Language Course the British Council began IELTS Online Preparation Course. This online based course is absolutely free of expense. After this six-week long course British Council would offer testaments to the members. Course length of time is 2 hours week after week on the web.

Course Requirements

The course is gone for non-local English speakers at around halfway level (roughly B1 on the CEFR) or above.

IELTS test Online Course Details:

  • Course Level: Preliminary
  • Course Duration: Six Weeks
  • Subject: English
  • Time: 2 hours p/w
  • Led by: British Council
  • Course Fee: Free
  • Course Starts on: 22 April 2016
  • Teacher: Mr. Cris Cavey, the lead teacher of Understanding IELTS

This IELTS Online Preparation Course will take you through every phase of the IELTS test — perusing, composing, talking and tuning in. At every stage there will be exhortation from our video mentor and a group of experienced IELTS teachers. You will likewise be requested that share your encounters, tips and assessments with different learners. IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Council.

Before the end of the IELTS Online Preparation Course, you will:

  • Be acquainted with all parts of the IELTS test
  • Have some accommodating tips to offer you some assistance with achieving your IELTS objectives
  • See how the IELTS test is surveyed
  • Have a chance to have your composed and communicated in English surveyed by different learners

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The British Council has more than 80 years’ involvement in English dialect instructing and assessment and conveys IELTS tests in more than 100 nations. The course draws on the British Council’s mastery in web learning and will allow you to buy a Statement of Participation. IELTS Free Online Preparation Course by British Council. :::

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