November 13, 2018
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Lawrence Sheriff School (LSS)

This school is a separated educational model applied for the UK and some other English-speaking countries. The school was named of a man who lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and was the founder of the Rugby School. Lawrence Sheriff School was established to implement the objectives of Lawrence Sheriff of creating an educational environment for men in the town of Rugby and neighboring Brownsover region funded by local government. That is why in 1878 the school was founded with the wonderful curriculum to meet the commercial educational need. Then it started to grow and boom with the launch of two science teaching areas: Chemistry and Physics. Next, series of academic service areas were launched such as: Jubilee Wings (in 1926 & 1934), the library area (in 1957) and even the biology labs and a new gym (in early 1960s).

Lawrence Sheriff School (LSS)

Symbol of Lawrence Sheriff school

School materials Center is now opened for students at Lawrence Sheriff School with a total of 8 classrooms and a new library area. Besides, the school has many changes compared to the past with a system of teaching and new timetable. This system has been introduced in many other schools across the UK under the common name _Vertical Tutoring.

In 2010, it established a new security plan in order to protect against personalities who are not allowded to the campus. This option will use the ID card format with each area of a different color (black for the primary level, blue for grade- 6 and red for employees at school). Bringin identity card while in school is compulsory for Grade 6 students and staff while primary student just take the card when they are requested. In the future, this card will also be used to enter the security zone of the school and can be used for the registering process.

The school also has a student council. Each year this council will elect a new chairman and monitor the done jobs during the past year. Simultaneously, a governing body will help chairman of executive board operate smoothly and have the last claims on important issues.

Inside the campus also has Griffin center built in 1996 and funded by Sport England Association as a professional table tennis center. Griffin Center includes a sports area and a training area opened in each evening, on the weekend and holidays.

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