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National University Masters/ MBA Final Syllabus (Marketing)

National University Masters/ MBA Final Syllabus (Marketing)

National University NU BD nu.edu.bd

Syllabus Department of Marketing

One Year MBA (Final) Course

Subject: Marketing

Syllabus for One-Year MBA (Final) Course

Effective from the Session: 2013-2014

Paper Code Paper Title Credits
312301 Marketing Management 4
312303 Strategic Marketing 4
312305 Services Marketing 4
312307 Global Marketing 4
312309 Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations 4
312311 Business Marketing 4
312313 Advanced Marketing Research 4
312314 Internship 2
312316 Viva-Voce 2
Total = 32


National University Masters/ MBA Final Syllabus (Marketing)National University Masters/ MBA Final Syllabus (Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing – 2015-2016. ;;;

Paper Code : 312301 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title :     Marketing Management
  1. Understanding Marketing Management:
  • Marketing in the 21st Century
  • Building Customer Satisfaction, value and Retention
  • Winning Markets: Market Oriented Strategic Planning
  1. Analysing Marketing Opportunities
  • Gathering Information and Measuring Market Demand.
  • Scanning the Marketing Environment
  • Analysing Consumer Markets & Buyer Behavior
  • Analysing Business Markets & Business Buyer Behavior
  • Dealing with the Competition
  • Identifying Market Segments and Selecting Target Markets.
  1. Developing Marketing Strategies:
  • Positioning the Market Offering through the Product life Cycle
  • Developing New Market Offerings
  1. Making Marketing Decision
  • Managing Product Lines & Brands
  • Designing Pricing Strategies & Programs
  1. Managing and Delivering Marketing Programs.
  • Managing Marketing Channels
  • Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Market logistics
  • Managing Direct & On-line Marketing


Text Book: Marketing Management; Philip Kotler, Millennium Edn,; Prentice- Hall Inc. of India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.

Reference Book: Marketing Management, Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane, 13th edition,  Prentice Hall Inc. 2012.

NU Masters Final / MBA Final Syllabus (Department of Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing

Paper Code : 312303 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title :    Strategic Marketing

Introduction: Basics of marketing – Foundations of Strategic Marketing Management. Market – Driven Strategy- Marketing orientation- Capabilities- Creating value for customers- Becoming market driven.

Business and Market Strategies: Corporate strategy – Business and Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy Process- Preparing the Marketing Plan.

Market Targeting and Strategic Positioning: Market targeting strategy- Targeting in different market environment- The positioning process- Determining positioning effectiveness.

Relationship Strategies: The Rationale for inter organizational relationship- Types of organizational relationship- Developing effective relationship between organizations- Global relationship organizations.

Strategic Brand Management: Product management issues- Analyzing Product Preference Strategies for Products brands – Strategic Brand Management Process.

Pricing Strategy: Strategic role of price- Analyzing the pricing – Selecting the pricing strategy- Determining specific prices and policies.

Promotion, Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategies: Promotion strategy- Advertising strategy-Sales Promotion strategy.

Sales Force and Direct Marketing Strategies: Developing and implementing sales force strategy- Direct marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies Implementation and Control: The marketing plan-Implementing the plan- Strategic evaluation and control- Performance criteria and information needs- Performance assessment and action.

Text Book: David W Cravens and Nigel F. Pierce, Strategic Marketing, Latest Edition, Irwin McGraw- Hill, USA.

Reference Book: Tony Proctor, Strategic Morketing An Introduction, Rowtledge.

NU Masters Final / MBA Final Syllabus (Department of Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing

Paper Code : 312305 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title :   Services Marketing

Introduction to Service: What are services? – Why Service Marketing? – Service and Technology – Differences in Goods and Services Marketing- Service Marketing Mix-The Gaps Model of Service Quality.

Consumer Behavior in Service: Search Versus Experience Versus Credence Properties- Decision- Making Process- The Role of Culture in Service Marketing.

Customer Expectations of Service: Meaning and Types of Service Expectations- Factors that Influence customer Expectations of Service- A Model of Customer Service Expectations – Current Issues Involving Customer Service Expectation.

Customer Perceptions of Service: Customer Perceptions- Customer Satisfaction- Service Quality – Service Encounters- Strategies for Influencing Customer Perceptions.

Building Customer Relationships: Relationship Marketing – Relationship Value of Customers – Foundations for Relationship Strategies – The Customer is not Always Right- Customer Profitability Segments- Levels of Relationship Strategies.

Service Recover: The Impact of Service Failure and Recovery- How Customers Respond to Service Failures? – Why do (and Don’t) People Complain? When they Complain- What Do Customers Expect- Switching vs. Staging Following Service Recovery- Service Recovery Strategies – Service Guarantees.

Service Development and Design: Challenges of Service Design- Stages in New Service Development- Service Blueprinting- Quality Function Deployment- High-performance Service innovations.

Employees’ Roles in Service Delivery: The Critical Importance of Service Employees- Boundary – Spanning Roles – Strategies for closing Gap 3- Service Culture.

Customers’ Role in Service Delivery: The Importance of Customers in Service Delivery- Customers’ Roles- Self- service Technologies- Strategies for Enhancing Customer Participation.

Delivering Service Through Intermediaries and Electronic Channels: Service Intermediaries – Direct or Company- Owned Channels – Common Issues Involving Intermediaries- Key Intermediaries for Service Delivery – Strategies for Effective service Delivery through Intermediaries.

Pricing of Service: Three Key Ways Service Prices are Different for Consumers- Approaches to Pricing Services- Pricing Strategies that Link to the Four Value Definitions.

Text Book: Service Marketing: Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm, Valaric A. Zeithmal and Mary Jo Bitner, McGraw Hill.

Reference Book: The Marketing of Services, Donald W. Cowell Heinemann Professional Publishing, Oxford.

NU Masters Final / MBA Final Syllabus (Department of Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing


Paper Code : 312307 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title :   Global Marketing


An Overview: Scope and Challenges of International Marketing.


The Cultural Environment of Global Markets: Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets, Business Customs in Global Marketing. The Political Environment, International Legal Environment.

Assessing Global Market Opportunities: Multinational Marketing Regions and Market Groups.

Developing Global Marketing Strategies: Global Marketing Management, Global Product Strategies, Marketing Industrial Product and Service, International Distribution Systems and Logistics, Global Promotion and Selling, Pricing for International Markets.

Text Book: W.J.Keegan, Global Marketing Management, 7th ed. Prentice Hall Inc.

Reference Book: Philip R. Cateora, International Marketing, Richard D. Irwin. Inc.

NU Masters Final / MBA Final Syllabus (Department of Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing

Paper Code : 312309 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title :    Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Developing a Customer Orientation: The Growth and Development of Nonprofit- Marketing – Developing a Customer Centered Mindset.

Strategic Planning and Organization: Strategic Marketing Planning – Understanding Target Audience Behavior- Acquiring and Using Marketing Information- Segmentation-Positioning – and Branding.

Developing and Organizing Resources: Generating Funds- Attraction Human Resources- Staff- Volunteer – and Boards- Working with the Private Sector- Organizing for Implementation- Planning and Budgeting the Marketing Mix.

Designing the Marketing Mix: Managing the Organization’s Offerings- Social Marketing- Developing and Lunching new Offerings – Managing Perceived Costs- Managing Public Media and Public Advocacy- Controlling Marketing Strategies.

Text Book: Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: Alan R. Andreasen and Philip Kotler, Prentice-Hall Inc.

NU Masters Final / MBA Final Syllabus (Department of Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing

Paper Code : 312311 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title :   Business Marketing

Introduction to Business Marketing: The Importance of Business Marketing- How Business Marketing is Unique- Business Markets- The Entire System.

The Character of Business Marketing: The Magic of Markets- Beyond Market Coordination – Developing Relationships- A Model of Relationship Development- Safeguarding Relationships- Relationships in Larger Networks.

The Purchasing Function: The Importance of Purchasing – Purchasing Philosophy- Supplier Evaluation- Trends in Purchasing – Purchasing in Government- Ethics in Purchasing.

Market Opportunities: Current and Potential Customers. Finding Opportunities- Market Segmentation- Segment Criteria Market Assessment Tools.

Marketing Strategy: Why a Strategy? – Elements of Business Strategy- Developing Strategy- Understanding Competitive Pressures- Strategic Implications of the Five Competitive Forces- The Organizational Context for Competing- Organizational Learning and Memory.

Developing and Managing Products: What Do Customers Want? What is a Product?-Augmenting to Exceed Expectations- Managing Products- New Product Development- Success or Failure? Harvesting a Product.

Business Marketing Channels : Partnerships for Customer Service: What is the Marketing Channel? Types of Channel Intermediaries- Marketing Channel Design-Channel management: The Politics of Distribution- Relationship Forms in Channels.

Pricing and Negotiating for Value: The Principles and Principles of Price-Cutting to the Quick: The Scissors Factors of Price- The Nature of Competitive Markets- issues in Price Management- A Pricing System.

Evaluating Marketing Efforts: The Importance of Evaluating Marketing Efforts- Control Systems- Tools of Control – Using Control Systems.

Customer Retention and Maximization: Conquest and After marketing – The Nature of a Customer- Retention Probability and Customer Value- Customer Relationship Management – Building Relationships- Running Relationships- Strengthening Good Relationships.

Text Book: Business Marketing: F. Robert Dwyer and John F. Tanner (Third Edition), McGraw- Hill.

National University Masters/ MBA Final Syllabus (Marketing)

Detailed Syllabus for National University Masters / MBA Department of Marketing

Paper Code : 312313 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 120 hrs.
Paper Title : Advanced Marketing Research


1.Field Work: The Nature of Field Work- Field Work and Data Collection Process- Selecting Fields Workers- Training Fields Workers- Supervising Fields Workers – Validating Fields Work- and Evaluating Field Workers.

2.Data Preparation: The Data Preparation Process- Questionnaire Checking – Editing – Coding- Transcribing- Data Cleaning – Statistically Adjusting the Data- Selecting a Data Analysis Strategy.

3.Analysis Frequency Distribustion, Cross Tabulation and Hypothesis Testing: Statistics Associated with Frequency Distribution- Introduction to Hypothesis Testing – A General Procedure for Hypothesis Testing – Statistics Associated with Cross-tabulation- Cross- Tabulation in Practice- Hypothesis Testing Related to Differences- Parametric and Non-parametrc Tests.

 4. Analysis of Variance and Covariance: Relationship among Techniques – One –Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) – Satistics Associated with One- Way ANOVA- Conducting One-Way ANOVA- Illustrative Applications of One-Way ANOVA- Assumptions in ANOVA-Analysis of Covariance ANCOVA- Issues in Interpretation- Repeated Measures ANOVA- Nonmetric- Analysis of Variance- Multivariate Analysis of Variance.

5.Correlation and Regression: Product Moment Correlation- Partial Correlation- Nonmetric Correlation- Regression Analysis- Bivariate Regression.

6.Introduction to Multivariate Analysis: Multiple Regression- Discriminant Analysis- Factor Analysis- Cluster Analysis- Multidimensional Scaling and Conjoint Analysis.

7.Report Preparation and Presentation: Importance of the Report and Presentation- The Report Preparation and Presentation Process- Oral Presentation- Reading the Research Report- Research Follow-up.


Text Book: Marketing Research, Naresh K. Malhotra, Prentice Hall Inc.New York.


        Book: Marketing Research, David A. AAKER, V. Kumar, George s. Day, Weily Student Edition

National University Masters/ MBA Final Syllabus (Marketing)

Paper Code : 312314   Credits : 2  
Paper Title :    Internship


Paper Code : 312316   Credits : 2  
Paper Title :    Viva-Voce

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