November 17, 2018
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Navitas University at Umass- Boston

This school is located on the famous Columbia Point peninsula, near the center area of exciting city internationally of Boston. Along with the museum and library of President -John F. Kennedy, the campus is located on the peninsula with beautiful scenery and you can enjoy great landscapes of the city and the port of Boston.

Navitas University at Umass- Boston

UMass Boston is the public research university, offering students a high quality of education with affordable cost and for everyone. The purpose of research programs and our public services is to enhance knowledge and improve life for people all over the world.

UMass Boston’s priorities:

Combines and expands international opportunities for students

Supports and encourages forms relationships with teaching institutions and research campuses around the world.

Promote innovative programs to help the process of learning, experiencing and understanding culture become richer

Navitas University at Umass- BostonUMass Boston has the following training programs: 78 higher programs, 54 master’s programs and graduate certificate, 14 doctoral programs and 16 certificate undergraduate certificate programs. School program has over 35 international cultural experiencing programs through six specialized schools in John W McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies and University College (formerly it was known for Continuing Education) teaches the subjects and courses in English which is the second language (ESL) for students.

From 2010 to 2011, five school branches created UMass system, ranked one of the 56thuniversities with the Higher Education of The Times. (Higher Education World University Rankings)

Umass Boston:

Directly under the famous University of Massachusetts system

It is the only public university in Boston

It has been existed for 150 years

It is Research universities taking teaching as core

Have a diverse student community

UMass Boston has an advantage from Navitas

Navitas USA has University Transitional Program (UPP) at UMass Boston. When choosing this program, you will be able to acquire knowledge and skills to complete US University curriculum excelently.

UPP includes credit subjects and other courses and related to academy and culture between experiences in your school with degree program in the US. When completing this course, you will accumulate credits that count in bachelor’s program at UMass Boston.

Be student at Umass Boston since the first days

Navitas students at UMass Boston are the one of UMass Boston. If you are student of university from the first day, you will:

Accumulate 30 credits for your undergraduate degree on the scoreboard of UMass Boston while learning at University Transitional Program (UPP)

Received an official entering invitiation and letters of acting as a guarantee visa (I-20) directly from UMass Boston

Get visas combining with English course and effective formal courses during the study period (5years)

Don’t need to apply for the universities or change the visa when you study the 2nd year

You are eligible to work outside the university to accumulate learning credit (CPT)

Be eligible for full-time working within one year in the US after graduation (OPT)

When studing in Navitas at UMass Boston, you will have an advantage from:

The opportunity to study at UMass branch school in the exciting Boston city

Three flexible entrancing cources each year and can start studying in September, January or May.

Affordable and competitive school fee

Support student totally in all areas of learning and entertainment

The highest teaching standard – by the best university lecturers

The curriculums are ensured the quality by UMass Boston

A series of diverse subjects to choose from Business, Science and Technology andSociety Science

Be used the service system and the most modern facilities of the university, including the library, computer room, recreational facilities, health services and vocational guidance.

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