November 15, 2018
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Online Courses Through Colleges

Colleges follow different formats when it comes to courses that they offer either partially or completely on the internet. Here are some formats that the colleges use for the online courses that they offer.

Online Course Management:
Many colleges use Blackboard, ANGEL, Eidos, or any such form of course management which adds the internet component to the traditional college course. The students sign into the course website to complete their teacher’s instructions.

Scheduled Online Classes: These are fully integrated online courses that have regular class schedules. Here, the students sign into the course’s website where the teacher teaches ‘live’ and they attend classes and join in the discussio0ns with the help of web cams, microphones and streaming videos.

Hybrid Online Classes: This form of Online course blends both traditional classroom learning and Online learning. Even though most of the work is done over the internet independently by the student the student gathers at the college campus periodically to attend lectures.

Self-paced Online Classes: This is a course that is designed to allow students to proceed at their own pace and on their own  schedules. Recorded video and audio lectures are also available, and students interact with their instructors through internet chat or e-mails. These college courses stipulate that all the course work be completed within a semester.

Open Course Ware: Some top colleges put course contents like lectures, lecture notes, article, assignment, videos, reading lists tests, even answer sheets on the internet for the free access of all students. Open Course Ware is an example of this type of Online course.  These classes are free and can be used for self-study.  A student cannot interact with teachers for assistance though or get their assignments graded.

Today technology has made online degree courses equivalent to the traditional degree.  That means that there is no problem to be located anywhere in the world.  You can always get a degree on subject you want to pursue.

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