November 13, 2018
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Open minded nation for industry

United States of America is so vast, so “prosperity” of the fields is developed in each region. For example, agriculture is developed in the Midwest (maize and wheat), the states along the Atlantic Ocean (fruit and vegetable), in the south and south-west (firework) and in the south, tobacco is well-being. For automobile industry, the two most popular areas are Michigan and Detroit, while the creative industries are concentrated on the state of New York.

Referring to the US, you surely mention Silicon Valley industrial region, which laid the foundation for the communications industry and the computer. New York, California, Ohio and Texas are the current state of industrial development.

Open minded nation for industryFinancial- accounting

US financial empire plays most important role in the global financial system, once the US financial blows up into a crisis, the whole world will be full of hardships. With that importance, the financial accounting has never fell into oblivion in the recruitment market in the US. The jobs as financial management, risk management, investment bank, insurance and financial analysts always need many more people at the present and in the near future.

The aviation industry

This industry created jobs for 657 700 employees in 2008. It has been never affected by the crisis, but even it develops products such as: civil aircraft and military equipment. Potential careers in this sector are infrastructure, space research, air transport system, satellite-based on control system of transport and aviation engineer system by electronic science.


Biofuel industry will need about 90.000 new jobs in the future. Biotechnology is the industry that creates many new employment opportunities.

Chemical and pharmaceutical products

This industry is quite stable in period of financial crisis. Pharmaceutical products for diseases such as Alsheimer and cancer treatment as well as preventive drugs are very helpful for maintaining the growth of this industry. Special employment opportunities are included in two bioinformatics fields ( biology informationand nanotechnology).


The house works has declined, but Obama has launched several plans to revive this field. These important transportation building projects (Interstate 94) are clear evidence for the back of the construction industry.

Health care

Health Care is an important industry in the US, reaching 3.2 million jobs from 2006 to 2016. Workers in this field would stay in a long time or got specialization their work.

Design computer, communications information

The expansion of wireless Internet, digital media and data has created many new markets. Job opportunities spread out the field of programming, computer engineer, analysing system of communication data and information engineer. The largest computer companies located in the United States is also the reason which this country always welcomes the employees with high level graduated from prestigious schools.

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