November 17, 2018
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Robert Gordon – The prestigious University in United States

Robert Gordon – The prestigious University in United States

By the Guardian University Guide 2012, the University of Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University in Scotland is the best modern and  also the best university in Scotland in 2011 .

The Robert Gordon University, the best modern university in Scotland The main campus of the school is Robert Gordon – The prestigious University in United Statesvery modern, it located at Garthdee and overlooking the poetic River Dee. This School specializing in vocational courses and depth should also have known as The Professional University (University Professional) . Every year, the school received hundreds of thousands of records for admission from students in the UK and international area.Aberdeen is a city very peaceful, quiet but equally prosperous. The buildings here are built from granite material. Thus, when the sun shines, the city will be glitter. Therefore, local people put the name for the city is Granite City.

 The school’s tuition

If you live in Scotland, you will not have to pay tuition, but you must register with the Student Awards Agency for Scotland’s free tuition.

For students who come from other places in the United Kingdom (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), and you will play one of three levels of tuition, depending on the sector. These fees are approved by the Scottish government and reviewed annually.

First Fee: 5,000 pounds / year for business, management and social sciences.

Second Fee: 6,750 pounds / year for the arts, design, architecture, environment, computer, engineering, health and science.

Third Fee: 8,500 pounds / year for the pharmaceutical industry masters.


The school has supported scholarships for students from Scotland under 25 years old who had difficult family circumstances. Furthermore, the school also offers other supports for students have enough conditions. Besides, there are also scholarships of large companies throughout the UK.


The school will arrange accommodation with fully equipment, each room for 4-7 students. Sometimes, the students will be staying in a small apartment. Room rental includes insurance money and personal internet. In the year 2011 – 2012, the cost of room rent ranges between 60-175 pounds / week.


The school has equipped rooms with skills room, radio room, TV, court probation, design room, laboratory and workshop repairs. Moreover, the school also has sports area includes with a 25m swimming pool, three-room, a climbing wall and a large sports hall. Besides, the school also extended a new library and learning space for student to study and creative.


Aberdeen is relatively small, you can go out of the city easily. From Edinburgh or Glasgow to Aberdeen only took two and a half hours drive. In addition, there are rail system and bus service throughout most of the towns and cities in the UK. Aberdeen airport also has a center 7 miles north.

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