November 15, 2018
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Southern Illinois Edwardsville University in America

Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville city (abbreviated to SIUE) established in 1957 with an area of 2.660 UK hectares (Over 1.000ha) is a large university covered by much greenery in the east of St. Louis city, far from the city center 25 minutes. Southern Illinois University provides students with a safe hostel and modern like apartments, with swimming pools either indoor or outdoor and a climbing gym. Southern Illinois University offers many opportunities for students to meet each other with numerous cultural activities and entertainment.

Southern Illinois Edwardsville University in America

Southern Illinois Edwardsville University in AmericaWashington Monthly was ranked the 40th SIUE of 684 American’s universities offering master’s programs. US News & World Report in 2014 was ranked 47th SIUE of the best public universities (in the best Universities of Midwestern region). The Daily Beast was ranked the 21stSIUE of 50 safest schools throughout the nation.

Southern Illinois Edwardsville University is in the very large campus and wider than 1.000 ha including many buildings. It is located on the position far from the city center of St. Louis, Missouri which is a large city center and the international airport about 32 kilometers. Southern Illinois Edwardsville University offers the lowest tuition rate in the state of Illinois and has small class size, about 25 students with proportion of student – lecturer of 16: 1.

The training programs of Southern Illinois Edwardsville University:

SIUE offers 43 graduate programs and 41 postgraduate programs in the areas of health, engineering, business, education, arts and science.

  • University: Education, Languages, Science and Environment, Finance and Economics, Geography, Physics, History, Human Resources Management, International Business, Press, Management of Information System, Fisheries, Marketing, Science and Technology, Psychology, Management of public health, sociology, Design …
  • Master: Sociology, Community Management, Music, Psychology, Pharmacy Technolocy, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Data, History, Geography, Environmental Science, Speciality Education, civil Engineer, electrical Engineer, industrial Engineer, technology, etc.

The outstanding things of Southern Illinois Edwardsville University

Washington Monthly Ranking: ranked the 40/684 master schools in the US in 2014

  • US News & World Report Best Colleges of 2014: 47th in public schools in the Midwest of the US
  • The Daily Beast: 21st among the top 50 safest schools in the United States in 2014
  • Small class size, about 25 students with proportion of student – lecturer of 16: 1
  • Diversified majors, rich kinds of qualifications and they are recognized in the world
  • Extreme large campus, it is one of the largest universities in America, suitable for extracurricular activities (main campus is wider than 1.000ha)
  • Entrancing condition is extremely easy (GPA of bachelor courses from 2.5 and above)
  • Scholarship of Study Encouragement is very attractive. Tuition is suitable for most of students
  • Have English programs for students which is not eligible for English (Programme of ES
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