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Experience of an exchange student in America

Experience of an exchange student in America. Hope these will help you adapt to life here early Culture In the US, the independence and self-control has always been the prior. Americans always features the frankness, if they don’t agree with the opponent’s opinion, they will be ready to make a constructive comment. Learning and Research […]

Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Community College provides a dynamic learning environment to recognize the success of the students, the practical knowledge and teaching quality. This school let you can choose from 50 school areas or vocational training of 44 professional technical programs. It provides students with assistance to help students complete the course excellently. With a small class […]


Tennessee Tech University (TTU – Tennessee Tech University) is known for Tennessee Tech, is a public university located on Cookeville, Tennessee in the US, a city located about 110 kilometers to the east of Nashville. Previously, the school was known under the name Tennessee Polytechnic Institute (1915), and before that, it was DixieCollege, was founded […] © 2015 Directed by