October 17, 2018
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Study in the US – the tool need to bring and shouldn’t have?

Preparing tool in four academic years is a difficult problem for many students.

However, if you think carefully, it’s not so difficult. There are a few things you really should consider before packing one’s bags.

  1. Weight of baggage depending on airlines

Study in the US – the tool need to bring and shouldn’t have?Find out the airlines how much weight do airlines allow you to carry? Normally when you go to America, your suitcase can be 23kilograms and carried two suitcases. Also, you can bring one portable suitcase and one personal bag. Remember that you aren’t allowed to bring knives, scissors, sharp objects and liquid bottles. But in general, the weight of luggage you can carry depending on the airline.

  1. Fashion and weather

The important factors and most influenced is the weather. Most people bring a lot of clothes when going abroad. You should remember that, every place has a different style of dress. Learn about the weather where you live within a first year!

Study in the US – the tool need to bring and shouldn’t have?

If you go to the place with hot climate, it is not necessary to bring winter clothes. For a severe weather, you should bring a few extra winter clothing because the warm clothes is aways no helpful. Winter outfits abroad will be a lot better. However, there are a few things you should pay attention if you go to the cold regions; for example, high-necked long socks, wool trouser, woollen cap, towel..

  1. Souvenirs

Another important thing is that you should bring some characteristic things of the country. This is important because universities usually organize a day for international students and native student exchanges cultural traditions.

  1. Medicine

When going to America, you should also carry some useful drugs, such as antibiotics, anti-colic, cough, eye-drops, etc.

But of course you should consult a doctor before going if you are allergic to some medicines. If you are a picky eater, you can bring pemmican or sesame because it would be difficult to become acquainted with American food in a short time. Besides the personal furnitures such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, etc. You should carry many personal belongings, because in the US, they are very expensive.

  1. Mobile phone and laptop

With psychology for children studying abroad, parents are worried and want to keep in touch with their children. Most of students studying abroad have tendency to buy telephone in the US.

For the computer, if you have the need to use the new computer, you shoul buy in the US. US electronics is very good.

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