November 17, 2018
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Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladesh

Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladesh


Smoking is a habit of taking smoke from tobacco-made materials like cigarette, biri, heroin etc. It is a dangerous habit. People generally smoke to find pleasure for the time being. Some smoke only as a fashion which later turns into a habit. Many young people just try to imitate seniors and some are addicted by the influence of bad Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladeshcompanions. However, taking smoke for few days for just curiosity is the starting of smoking habit formation. Very soon, one becomes addicted to smoking. Smoking is harmful to human health. Our younger generation is becoming addicted to smoking without knowing what damages they are causing to their health. It may cause cancer, heart attack, bronchitis, numbness, loss of memory etc. One puff of cigarette smoke contains a huge amount of injurious matters like nicotine, carbon monoxide, methyl alcohol and many other harmful elements. Nicotine obstructs the flow of blood through veins. This reduces the supply of oxygen in our body. As a result, blood pressure rises and heart beat increases,which cause heart attack. Besides, carbon monoxide of tobacco smoke absorbs the oxygen from our blood. Thus, smoking poisons our body slowly. Smoking is equally harmful to a non-smoker who stays beside a smoker. So, the younger generation should avoid smoking cigarettes. Our government should take initiative to stop smoking. Young people should be made conscious of the pernicious effects of smoking. In order to avoid the attraction of smoking, they can engage themselves in games and sports, helping the poor and constructive work for our society.

Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladesh

Importance of Learning English

Or, English as International Language

The language, which is used all over the world for smooth communication, is called an international language. For many different reasons, English has kept the prestige of being an international language. For centuries, English has been being used for international communica- tion in many countries. Now it has created its appeal all over the world and become necessary for multilateral communication. So, English is called an International Language. In order to keep pace with the present world, we should have a good command over English. For maintaining communication with foreign countries and international organisations, we should learn English. Then, in order to have an access to the latest knowledge, research of the world we need to learn English. Besides, for the sake of higher education, we should learn it. Apart from these, we should learn English because it can ensure our future career. However, learning English is an easy task. In case of learning English, one should learn the grammatical rules very carefully. Without learning grammar, it is not possible to have a good command over English. Our present English textbook, which is based on the communicative purposes, is very helpful for learning English. It introduces us with the communicative functions of English and helps us use it in practical situations. As a result, people having a good command over English are highly valued in the job market. Most of the job exams give priority on English section. However, if we have good knowledge of English, we can easily manage a good job.

Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh means an ICT based modern country where there will be adequate power supply, well-networked infrastructure, use of internet, use of open-source software, e-banking, e-commerce and egovernance. Of late, the phrase ―Digital Bangladesh‖ has been much talked about. On the eve of the election, Bangladesh Awami League, first declared vision 2021 with the aim to turn Bangladesh into a digital country by the next decade. However, it refers to an e-state where all its activities of governance, commerce, education, agriculture etc will be powered by computer and internet. To cherish such a dream is easy, but it is too much difficult to materialize this dream. Land phone, mobile, computer, laptop, emagazine and diary, e-book reader and many more tools of information technology will be available in every nook and corner of the country. People will no more have to stand in queue to collect tickets, results etc or to deposit and withdraw money or to buy and sell things. Broadly speaking, a digital society ensures an ICT driven knowledge-based society where information will be readily available online and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government and also private spheres will be processed using the modern technology. So, ―Digital Bangladesh‖ must guarantee efficient and effective use of modern ICT in all spheres of the society with a view to establishing good governance. For materializing the plan, we need to ensure power sufficiency, better network infrastructure, proper use of internet, use of open source software, high English literacy rate, use of modern technology in agriculture, e-learning and e-commerce etc. Time has come for Bangladesh to develop her information technology and to turn her Digital Bangladesh. We need to bear in mind that to be away from enriched information technology means to live like a frog living in a well. We should look at the advanced countries of the world so that we can get modern ways and strategies from them to bring about a revolution for our ICT based society. Like Mahathir Muhammad‘s Malaysia, we have to have our all-out efforts to materialise our desired Vision- 2021 for our betterment and own existence.

Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladesh


In the last ninth parliamentary election, almost all the mainstream political parties made up with a lot of election promises and commitments to attract the voters. In the manifesto, the Bangladesh Awami league mentioned some distinct and unique promises. The special two promises of them are Digital Bangladesh and Vision-2021. By Digital Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina means a country with all the facilities of modern technology and by Vision-2021 she means that Bangladesh will achieve a number of goals between 2010 and 2021. The government of the Bangladesh Awami League is very firm to ensure 100% net student enrolment at primary level within 2021. Supply of pure drinking water for the entire population will be ensured within 2011. Bangladesh will gain self-sufficiency in food within 2012. Each house of Bangladesh will be brought under hygienic sanitation in 2013. 87% annual growth rate will be attained within this year. Moreover, within this same year Bangladesh will generate 7000 megawatt of electricity, which will be further increased to 8000 megawatt in 2015. And in 2021, 20000 megawatt of electricity will be generated. In 2013, degree level education will be made tuition-free especially for women. And then in 2021 a number of goals will be achieved. Contribution of agriculture, industry and service sector to GDP will stand at 15, 40 and 45 percent respectively. Unemployment rate will be reduced to 15% from 40% at present. Labour in agriculture will come down to 30% from 48% at present. Labour in industry will be increased to 25% from 16% at present, in service 45% from 36% at present. Poverty rate will be reduced to 15% from 45% at present. Bangladesh will be known as a country of educated people with skills in information technology. 85% of the population will have standard nutritional food. The poorer section of the people will have at least 2122 calories of food. All types of contagious diseases will be eliminated; longevity of life expectancy will increase up to 70 years. Infant mortality will come down to 15 from 54 per thousand at present. Maternal death rate will come down to 1.5% from 3.8%. Use of birth control methods will be increased to 80% and many more targets will be fulfilled. However, we have to have our all-out efforts to materialise our desired Vision-2021 for our own betterment.

Top 10 Advanced Paragraph Witting List For SSC & HSC Candidates in Bangladesh

World Cup Cricket in Bangladesh

          Or, ICC Cricket World Cup-2011

It is prestigious and glorious news for us that Bangladesh arranged the World Cup Cricket 2011. The ICC Cricket World Cup was the tenth Cricket World cup. It was played in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It was a first time co-hosting World Cup for Bangladesh. Fourteen national cricket teams competed in the tournament including ten full members and four associate members. The world cup started with a magnificent opening ceremony which was held at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka on 17 February, 2011. This world cup showed Bangladesh as a new host in the world‘s cricket. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh declared the world cup opening by placing her hand on a plain-scanner. This was followed by an aerial and audio-visual cricket act on a nearby building, and cultural programmes. Expectedly the Bangladesh Cultural Programme got more time than Co-hosts India and Sri Lanka. Eight matches out of forty-nine were played in Bangladesh. Bangladesh hosted these eight matches very successfully and won three matches against Ireland, England and Netherlands. This is for the first time that the final was contested by two teams from South Asia, and for the first time too that a team won the trophy on home soil. The tournament was won by India who defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the final. Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored an unbeaten 91 in the final and was declared the man of the match. India‘s Yuvraj Sing was declared the man of the tournament. Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi and Zaheer Khan of India were jointly most wicket takers of the tournament. And Tillakaratne Dilshan of Sri Lanka did most runs in the tournament. ICC Cricket World Cup brought magnificent glory for Bangladesh as Bangladesh was one of the co-hosting members of organising this giant sporting event. As Bangladeshis, we all feel proud of co-hosting this tremendous event. However, we have to go a long way before our dense and thick sleep in the realm of cricket. The cricket players must be given particular and proper training in cricket in support of their demands as well as the suitability of the environment concerned so that they can bring glory to us all.


Patriotism is often considered a very noble virtue. It inspires a man to do everything just and fair for the wellbeing and betterment of the country. It is the quality that impels a person to sacrifice his own interest, comfort, pleasure and even his life for the sake of his country. Patriotic zeal makes a man dutiful, energetic and enthusiastic. He obeys the laws, pays taxes and thinks for the country. Patriotism teaches a person fellow-feeling, fraternity, love and sympathy for the countrymen. A patriot is also praised and honoured by his countrymen. An unpatriotic man, on the other hand, is an ignoble person. He is selfcentred.He engages all his time in achieving his evil or mean end. He causes harm to the country by his unyielding and reckless activities. He is an enemy to the liberty and sovereignty of the country. He gets his return in the same way. He may have high titles, immense wealth, high social prestige and noble birth. But despite his worldly achieve- ments, he remains a worthless person. His power and pelf fail to bring him any glory. Because, during his lifetime such a man is never honoured by anybody. Rather, he is despised because of his treachery. No minstrel ever sings for him. Such a man dies a double death. During his lifetime, he possesses a dead soul and he remains completely forgotten by the people. This is his first death. Then comes his natural demise. After his physical death, his body is mixed with the vile dust from which it sprang. Nobody remembers him or shows any honour to him. Nobody sheds tears for him. He sinks into oblivion. Thus an unpatriotic man dies for the second time, and ultimately he dies forever whereas a patriotic man lives in the heart of the people perpetually.

Premature Marriage

Premature marriage is a common feature in the poorer counties of the world. Ours is a poor country. Here premature marriage is out of control. It means the marriage of the boys and girls before attaining their physical and mental maturity. In our country, girls are the victims of premature marriage. In the existingsocio-economic set up, girls are neglected from their birth. They are regarded as liability. So, when a girl child is born, it is not regarded as a happy event. Instead of being delighted, the male members think that she has come to add to their misery. So, the parents try to look for a husband for her even before she attains physical and mental maturity. Obviously, there are many causes of premature marriage. First of all Bangladesh is an agricultural country. For agricultural work female children can‘t contri- bute much. Secondly poverty is an ever present spectre in our country. So the father of a girl thinks that his burden will be less if he can marry his daughter off early. Thirdly, religious misinterpretation and social structures discourage, often prevent girls from going to co- education schools. As a result, the girls can‘t receive proper education. Fourthly, our evil dowry system is also responsible for premature marriage. Many problems are created because of premature marriage. As they are not matured, they can‘t adjust with the environment of their in-laws‘ house. They cannot serve the family. Sometimes, it so happens that if the father of the girl fails to fulfil the demand of the dowry, she is maltreated, tortured and in extreme cases killed by the husband. So, they suffer from both physically and mentally. This should not be allowed to continue. A proper solution to this problem must be found out. Our govt. has already made a law. Early marriage is a punishable deed. According to the law, a girl before eighteen and a boy before twenty one cannot marry. But the premature marriage occurs everywhere. Every conscious citizen must come forward against it. Different mass media can play a vital role in this regard. They should create awareness among people about the bad effects of premature marriage. After all, parents should be very much conscious of their children‘s career. If we can do all these things, we will be able to curb this evil act.


At present Eve-Teasing has become one of the most talked topics across the country. The very term ―Eve Teasing‖ consists of two words – ‗Eve‘ and ‗Teasing‘ in which ―Eve‖ represents girls or women folk and―Teasing‖ represents disturbance. So ‗Eve-Teasing‘ means to disturb the girls or women intentionally through vulgar words, impolite comments, teasing stares, sly whistles, unethical love offers, unpolished gestures, sexual offers and so on. Even the disturbance to girls through mobile phone or internet is also regarded as eve- teasing. The young girls are the worst sufferers of eve-teasing. There are several reasons behind eve-teasing and they are: negative attitude towards girls, moral degradation, impact of satellite television, gender discrimination, lack of proper education, religious misinterpretation, unemployment problem etc. The consequences of eve-teasing are very dreadful. It becomes a great barrier to the participation of women in our nation-building activities. Women cannot think, move and work freely in the society due to eve-teasing. The girls cannot go to school or college. As a result, their education is hampered and often stopped. Very often they are assaulted by the eve-teasers. Even the guardians are attacked and killed by the eve-teasers in some cases. The girls often go to commit suicide to save themselves from the disturbance of the eve-teasers. The recent news regarding eve-teasing in different media bears testimony to this. In fact, eve-teasing is a great social vice. It should be removed from our society at any cost. Public awareness and social movement are necessary to uproot this vice. New strict and pragmatic law should be introduced and enforced immediately. The present government has introduced mobile court to punish the eve-teasers and they are being punished in different parts of our country. Besides, the 13th June has been designated ―Eve Teasing Protection Day‖ by the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh. However, we all should come forward to stop eve-teasing for building up a nice society.

Cell Phone

In modern global world, mobile phone has been a part and parcel of our life. It is a great invention of modern science. It is called so because a user can carry it wherever he goes out. It has brought about multidimensional changes in our daily life. Nowadays it is regarded not only as a communicative device but also as an inseparable part of modern life. Using mobile phone, one can take a snap of anything, record voices and videos, compose songs and ring-tones, edit wallpapers and what not. Moreover, GPRS or WAP enabled mobile sets have created multifarious possibilities providing us with the opportunities of internet chatting, gaming, exchanging MMS, mailing, browsing etc. Besides, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies of mobile phone can create PAN (Personal Area Network) in which the intended mobile users can easily and instantly exchange all sorts of data and information from one mobile device to another. It has made the interpersonal communication very easy and fast. One can communicate with the expected person within a few seconds through a mobile phone. Business communication has become easier because of the use of this device. Actually most of the businesses are depended on this speedy mode of communication. It is also helpful for the students. They can get suggestion of their studies from their friends and teachers. So, the number of consumers of mobile phone is increasing day by day. It makes the world smaller and brings all closer. But, it is unfortunate that it has some negative aspects too. Criminals also use it for their activities. It causes some health hazard. Scientists believe that it causes brain tumours by its invisible and uncontrolled radiation. Particularly the pregnant women and children should not use it at all. Despite all these, mobile phone is a blessing for us.

Price Hike

Price hike has now become one of the greatest problems of our country. The price of all the daily necessary commodities has gone beyond the reach of the poor and middle class people. Most of the people of our country cannot maintain their families with their poor income. It has created many other problems in the country. As the days go, the price is going up. Middle class people are seen to take meals two times instead of three times. Students are suffering a lot. The price of coarse rice is 24 taka and the fine rice 36 taka. Vegetables, soyabean, sugar, fish, meat, etc are sold at a very high price. There is no single item, the price of which is under control. The price is rising on a regular basis. The indifference of government, syndicate of business, corruption of businessmen and political leaders, unconsciousness of people are all responsible for this problem. Almost all the people are suffering. Government should immediately take necessary steps to solve this problem. The guilty should be fined and punished strictly. People should be made conscious. Moreover, government should introduce vigilant monitoring cell to get actual market condition and control price of every commodity.

N.B. The following types of paragraphs may be written by following the given paragraph format. In the gaps you have to use the name of the particular paragraph. Moreover, to get good marks you should write some introducing lines at the beginning of your paragraph and in the ending part of your paragraph you have to write some relevant concluding lines. Always write a paragraph in one Para only.

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