November 15, 2018
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Trinity Western University

This school was chosen with the best quality of education in three years and was considered as a school with the first teaching experience by Maclean from survey through the appreciation of student.

Trinity Western University

TWU is a private university with very long history (1962) located on Langley, British Columbia, near Vancouver International Airport, far from Seattle, Washington in the US about 125 miles to the north. It is an official member of Trinity Western Universitythe Association of the Colleges and Universities of Canada. According to the announcement of the survey Organization of global universities in 2006, TWU is the best university in Canada. TWU got highest grade A in 3 consecutive years for comprehensive quality of education, the satisfaction level of students, the professional knowledge of the lecturer, the ability of serving for students, and size of classroom (according to The Globe and Mail). The credits can not be forwarded to any other university across the US and Canada.

With over 4,000 students, including 72 percents of Canadian and American students, 18 percents of international students are studying here, TWU gives international students an ideal learning environment, standard, professionalism, the most modern equipment especially very small class membership. International students can work 20 hours a week inside or outside the college during the learning time at school. International students can stay in Canada for 3 years after graduating from school.


  1. English Program:

If you haven’t got TOEFL, IELTS yet, students can enroll in English 1 semester (15 weeks) prvodided by ESLI corporation at the campus. TWU students will enter school TWU after passing Advanced Level in English exam.

Tuition: 4800 CAD / semester (15 weeks)

  1. Bachelor program:

Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Press, Information Technology, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Music, Actors Theatre, Psychology, and Social Sciences and Humanities, nurse, elementary and secondary education and etc.

  1. Master’s program:

Business Administration, Management, Nursing, Humanities, Languages, Teaching English (TESOL), Psychological counseling and etc


– Specialization: June and September.

– English: January, May, September

Entry requirements:

BA: Graduating from high school, TOEFL 570 (88 iBT) / IELTS 6.5

Master: University degree related, GPA 3.0 – 3.7; TOEFL 600/100 IBT or IELTS 7.0;

– Learning MBA does not require experience

SCHOLARSHIPS: Attractive and Apply for Higher Education Program

Average Mark: 2.0 -2.99: 2000 CAD / year

Average Mark: 3.0 3.75: 3000 CAD / year

Average Mark: 3.76 -4.0: 5000 CAD / year

Average Mark: 4.01- +: 7000 CAD / year

Get two early semesters, maintain POINT AVERAGE: 2.0 to get for the next scholarship or the higher one.

The papers should be submitted for the invitation:

– Application for admission of school

– High school report and diploma (university score-board, University degree) and one notarized English translation.

– Certificate in English (if available)

– Certificate of bank account: 20.000 dollars.

– Fee for invitation

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