November 15, 2018
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University of Vermont

University of Vermont

University of Vermont is a public university in the city of Burlington, in Vermont State in the US. It has irrigation research center, Vermont research center.

City of Burlington, Vermont, was voted as one of the most liveable and learning in America. At the University of Vermont, students can learn in an excellent academic background in the nicest campus in the world, lies in one of the most popular urban areas in America.

  1. Who do you should choose University of Vermont

It is the 5th oldest University in New England region followed by the Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown.

Student can learn and study with excellent lectures and modern facilities and superior technology.

University of Vermont is verified totally by the Association of College and University of New England (NEASC) and all faculties have been considered the specific programs.

Lecturersat the University of Vermont are the scientists, scholars and famous artists, with over 90 percents of apparatchik with a PhD or advanced degree in the industries. According to the number of awards and fund, they are the most talented people in the nation.

With a long tradition of learning, Vermont also provides opportunities for students to deeply explore classroom lessons through direct experiencing as going practicing.

The school was ranked 18th as one of the famous public schools of law, business specialities (According to The Wall Street Journal)

85 percents of student can find the job after graduating

It was one of the schools which students receive high salaries after graduating

It was ranked 82nd of 100 best universities of the United States in 2014 (according to US News and World Report)

The school was ranked 34th of best public schools (according to US News and World Report) and ranked 59th (According to Kiplinger’s)

The school was selected as one of the 10 best places to learn (according to Hiffington Post)

  1. Training specialities

Agriculture and Life Science

Art and Science

Business Administration

Education and Social Service

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Environment and National Resources

Nursing and Health Sciences

  1. Entering school Requirements

English: TOEFL iBT 55/ IELTS 5.5

Average mark of grade 12 (GPA): 2.75/4 or 7/10

Entering school periods: January, May, August

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