November 17, 2018
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Vocational Degrees Learning College Reviews

Earn your college degree while maintaining your career and personal life. These schools offer degrees in various areas of education, counseling, nursing and health care.Vocational Degrees Learning College Reviews
University of Phoenix

Vocational Degrees Learning College Reviews

The University of Phoenix Online offers you the unparalleled convenience and flexibility of attending classes from your personal computer. In small groups of eight to thirteen, or working one-on-one with an instructor, students are discussing issues, sharing ideas, testing theories, essentially enjoying all of the advantages of an on-campus degree program, with one important exception. No commute!

The average age of our Online student is 38. Twenty percent of our students are executives or owners of their own businesses, 30% are middle managers in business and industry, and 44% are technical or licensed professionals.

University of Phoenix offers:

  • Accredited degrees
  • Financial aid
  • Teaching in multiple formats to meet the needs of each individual
  • Online curriculum so you can learn from the comfort of your home.

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