November 15, 2018
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What is an MBA?

Introduction to MBA is necessary before you start an MBA programs , first you must be clear what exactly is an MBA and is it right to decide to study an MBA. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration which graduates you with fundamental business practices like finance, accounting, marketing and management and etc. but it’s not limited there, an MBA also can be useful career in other private industry or public and government sector.

History of an MBA

How was MBA started ? if this is your question then here is history about MBA. World’s first business school is Wharton Business School founded on 1881. The first graduate school of management is the Tuck School of Business created on 1900 and first degree offered was a Master of Science in Commerce. First MBA program was founded 8 years later at Harvard Business School in 1908.

Types of MBA

Now a day MBA is most professional degree in the world and most are offered in English language. Various types of MBAs are available through business schools worldwide. It depends on which particular area you are interested on such as student mark in business specialization can go for MBAs with concentrations in areas such as international, sports management, entertainment and electronic. If you are interested on developing some certain qualities then you can choose like e-commerce, health care, leadership, six sigma and entrepreneurship. Most of people have interest on managing organization or industry so effectively and knowledge development or industry expertise on areas such as health care, IT, Supply chain and hospitality could help a lot. Also there are choices on MBA for those people who want to become expert on specific area of management such as operations, project, organizational, risk or global.
MBA programs offers you lots of choices, for those who focus on certain field, there are concentrations in criminal justice, education administration, health care and technology. If you are interested on health care then MBA programs offer you choices that concentrations are on health services, health care administration, health care management, health information technology and nursing as well as technology area on MBA programs are famous now a days which  concentrates on computer systems, network administration and security, technology management and information technology.
And there is also EMBA and it stands for Executive MBA. These types of MBAs are for working professionals who cannot interrupt their careers and also want to attain MBA programs. EMBA is designed for professionals with several years of work experience with minimum of five years. The program consists of refresher courses on functional business administration as well as classes that focus on the advanced development of leadership, problem-solving skills and networking abilities.

What an MBA Programs Can Do For You?

If your goal is to get lots of profit or earn more money than MBA programs can play a big role. It’s a fact that people having MBA degrees have better employment options as well as earn more than people who aren’t MBA graduates. If you’re asking yourself a question that you should earn your MBA or not then you must know some basic things like bachelor degree and work experience are invaluable now a days. Graduate level education can guarantee you with a good job or prepare you in wide range of work.
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