November 17, 2018
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The Yew – Chung international school

It was founded 80 years ago (1932), Yew Chung International School is one of the typical international schools in Hong Kong. With a long history and modern and attractive curriculum, it always gets the attention of many parents. With the formal curriculum in two languages Chinese- English adapted from the national program of the UK, pupils have the opportunity and the optimal conditions for acquiring education program well of school internationally. Model of this global education is based on the growth of developed economy, in particular the expansion of the business group, the rapid popularity of English as a second language.

The Yew – Chung international school

The Yew – Chung international schoolThe international Yew Chun school in Shanghai

With the phenomenon of globalization of the telecommunications industry, economy, science, music and entertainment, the Yew Chung unified international program to standardize knowledge and skills for students to approach the world civilization. Therefore, education program of primary school at Yew Chung offers pupils creativity, affort, discovery, understanding and problem solving abilities. School gives pupils the bilingual curriculum and multicultural internationally for this curriculum is based on the British’s program. Through this program, students have the ability to develop knowledge of bilingualism and multiculture. This plays an important role in forming a solid educational foundation for pupils on higher education. Therefore, pupil graduated from Yew Chung International School will be equipped with enough knowledge to be able to study at famous universities in the world.

Along with the development of the world, Yew Chung International School not only trains primary program but also to develop the field of early childhood education and secondary education. School’s progress always goes together with the development of the world to timely meet the needs of students. With potential and effective workforces of the Yew Chung, along with developing strategic vision of the management board, Yew Chung also expanded campus in Shanghai and Beijing – which always are considered potential lands that can attract a lot of students in recently years.

Main curriculum was designed with a combination under each different theme. Students learn dynamically, think independently, collect and process information creatively. Learning through real situations can make students have a thorough grasp of textbook knowledge and relate to practically, as well as combine with the discovering ability of each individual and build awareness teamwork to promote creation and solve problem. Therefore, students are encouraged to use the library and computers to learn about fact informations in subject.

Study program

Yew Chung International school (YCIS) teaches international program in English. This program was developed basing on the national curriculum of England, but it was adjusted to be suitable for the pupils in Hong Kong. This program is combined officially and unofficially. Official curriculum include integrated Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin with Chinese cultural standard), English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Musical Instruments, information Technology, Physical Education, Social Education and personality, the focused English program and World Classroom. This curriculum does not officially relate to extracurricular activities: Exchange Program -Families – Schools, and Yew Chung Education Camp. World Classroom encourages develops multi-cultural understanding and the opportunities to improve language and living skill independently. The focus of programs shows the way personality developing capabilities of students and the development of world science, international integration and long-term learning.

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